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Stones Bar Dorm Rooms and Restaurant

Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

Amazing location, great showers, a small room with plenty people but there are comfortable beds. But what is the most important is the fact you are next to the beach. If you are a party person and into socializing just book a bed there.

Sleep In Hostel

Yangon, Myanmar

The hostel is worth the money no doubt about it. First of all great location, secondly comfortable beds with individual power, spacious room at least mine, decent WIFI. The staff is very friendly and helpful, downstairs is a big restaurant where you have breakfast or in the evening you can have some drinks. In the total a great place to stay considering the fact that Myanmar is just starting the culture with hostels.

So Hostel Chiangmai

Chiang Mai, Thailand

For this money it is a good place to stay. Great beds, nice staff, great location, a bit dirty but acceptable.

Born Free Hostel

Bangkok, Thailand

It is a great place to stay, great location, very clean and secure. The owners are very friendly and helpful. No doubt about it is worthy to stay there.

Trotter's Den Hostel

Chisinau, Moldova

The location is great, the rooms are very clean and spacious, the problem is that there are not enough bathrooms. The staff is friendly and helpful. In addition you can meet there a lot of nice people.

One World Hostel

Krakow, Poland

This is really great place to stay, there have very spacious room with sofas and lockers inside. Also the bathroom has a lot of nice and clean showers. Good wi-fi, decent location, nice living room and very friendly staff.

London365 Hostel

London, England

There was no soap in the bathrooms, in addition you end up at different address than is shown on the website. In addition the cleaner comes just 1 day per week. Well the garden is kind of okay, the location 10 minutes walking from the underground it is far from the central London.

Arsenal Tavern Hostel

London, England

It is great place to stay, there is pub also you can play billard or to order some food. They have plenty bathrooms, the location is decent and the staff very helpful.

Brothers Hostel

Cairo, Egypt

This is a nice place to stay, good location, clean, spacious rooms. What i did not like is what i heard accidentally from the tall guy working there i was there 4 days and there was no water for 2.5, plus is very noisy.

4 Seasons Hotel

Hurghada, Egypt

The place is so so, if someone does not like a noise, do not stay there coz the street next to the hotel is very busy and noisy. What i did not like is the fact that all the time they try to sell you a tour in a bit pushy way, even they tried to sell me an entry ticket to sand beach hotel for 20 whereas on the beach you can buy for 15, plus the breakfast is very poor. However the location is good and it is relatively cheap. If u go there without hostelworld you will pay much cheaper price.

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Please we are not a 5 star hotel I hope that you remember this well about the noisy it was possible to ask for room far from the street, there is much rooms far from the street , i think you just hunting black points why did not say that the place is clean or not ? safe or not ? friendly or not ? and what about free Wi-Fi you still using that 24 hours for free , and on breakfast Is Eggs and jam and cheese and butter, tea, coffee and bread Is this a poor breakfast? Remember that you are paid 8 euros for the room including that breakfast and about our rooms price if you b booking alone or you booking with hostel-world the price is same . I think we do what we can to satisfy customers any way welcome .


The hotel/hostel is a nice place to stay, the ownet is really helpful and friendly and what is the most important she is not pusshy with tours like in other hotels/hostels. The room are spacious and relatively clean, however the bathrooms need more cleaning. The location is very good and the staff is excellent, unfortunately the rooms are a bit cold. Despite a few slips i would recommend this place.

Villa Banana

Dubrovnik, Croatia

The location of the hostel is okay, but you have to go up for 5-7 minutes. The older women working there is really annoying, she comes every morning and asks if other people will check out, how can I know, she is very strange and sometimes rude? However her husband is very nice and friendly. Unfortunately the place is not very clean, I was there a week, even once they did not clean the room, and the shower was so dirty that I had to clean by myself. But it is nice place to chill out.

Old Town Hostel East Wing

Kotor, Montenegro

It is sbsolutely amazing place. The staff is very chilled out and helpful. The building itself is about 400 years old. The rooms are very clean and spacious. No doubt about it you will enjoy your sray in the hostel.

Hi Skopje Hostel

Skopje, Macedonia

The staff working there is not that helpful and friendly like in other hostels. The location is okay. However the rooms are not that spacious and there is just one shower for 20 people come on! I would say the hostel is okay.

Hostel Shappy

Zagreb, Croatia

It is really great place to stay, they have a lot of hot showers, air conditioning, great bar and billard. Additionally the rooms are spacious and very clean. The staff is very friendly and helpful and the location is perfect. .

Hostel AVA

Ljubljana, Slovenia

The location is more than perfect, it is just 30 meters from the main square, as well the staff is very friendly and helpful, maybe the cleanliness and atmosphere are not impressive but there is common area which unfortunately is closed at 11.30pm. I would say the hostel is decent.

Holyland Guest House

Kathmandu, Nepal

I would highly recommend the hostel. The location and the staff are really good. There is a hot shower, restaurant, spacious rooms and big terrace. Plus you can meet there many interesting people. I had really great time there.


I have to stay that it is really nice place to stay. It is very quite and clean place with big rooms for very cheap price. The family itself is very helpful and friendly. The location is really good close to the beach, seme shops and restaurants.

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Thank you Mr Marek, hope to see you again, very nice review.

Hostel One Sants

Barcelona, Spain

Thanks a lot guys!!!the hostel was amazing experience, free mojito classes sangria and tortillas everyday!!during night it was really cool to hang out in the hostel then after go out with the crowd internet very good, staff amazing, terrace very sunny and peaceful to relax during the day!!!enjoy a lot really recommend!!!!

Riad Massin

Marrakech, Morocco

Without any exception I would recomende the hostel. For the price the hostel is really good, one of the rooms is quite a small, but the rest of the thing are relly good.