Reviews: lostan3770

Location: Brazil, Gender: Male, Age: 32

City Circus Athens

Athens, Greece

Couldn't be better! Strategically near a subway station and train station, really clean, modern inside including elevator and electronic locks, staff speak clear english and they like to help.


5 star hostel!

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Dear Guest, Thank you very much for your review. We are pleased to know that you had a good time with us. We hope to see you soon. Best Regards, Palmers Lodge Swiss Cottage Team

Funny Palace Hostel

Rome, Italy

I loved that hostel. Recreation area including a table of ping pong and nice bar. I think the heating should be improved, but accommodations are fine.

Hostel Porto Salvador

Salvador, Brazil

The location is excellent, the staff friendly, and the facilities are above average. Thanks!

HI Maracaia

Porto Seguro, Brazil

In my view this hostel is the best in Salvador, even though you can find better hostels in South Brazil. There are facilities and social areas where we can meet new friends.


It's really difficult to sleep because all the time people step and the ceil sounds. There is not limit time to enter in the rooms


Great place and great people! I met many friends there. Placed in the heart of Miami Beach I recommend!

Midtown Hostel Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

This hostel is average in everything. It\'s not the place to meet people and have fun in Prague. I had calm sleeping nights, but no better comments about this hostel.

Agil Hotel Le Pontel

Paris, France

I hate to post a negative review, but to be quite frank this hostel deserves it. The staff isn\'t polite, doesn\'t speak even basic english. The police knocked the doors and I saw people using drugs freely. What a nightmare!!!

Hotel Richard

Paris, France

Unkind people. Does not CARE ABOUT YOU