Reviews: Anonymous

Hotel San Giovanni

Milan, Italy

A budget hotel, to be certain -- the staff was nice and the bathroom was fine. Bed was not great. The hotel is (as one can see) not at all in the city center, although the buses allow you to get there fairly quickly. I must note that Milano is EXTREMELY difficult to navigate as a non-local -- public maps are hard to come by. The hotel / Milano was extremely hot, and the walls are paper-thin--one of the hottest/loudest nights of my life. Internet worked fine and I didn't have to give up my key.


Everything about the hostel was great (staff, room, etc.), although some of the guests and the scene around the hostel bar were a little bit... anstrengend. No doubt being older than 19/not from Britain, I'm beyond the point where deafening Top 40 pop and free Jaeger shots are my idea of a good time. People who feel likewise should take a pass on the bar. The room itself was nice, however--location good, staff very helpful, breakfast was a good deal. Just that bar--"the horror, the horror!"

Five Elements Hostel Frankfurt

Frankfurt, Germany

Enjoyed the hostel - wasn't wild about the Red Light location; not for safety reasons, but rather because the obnoxious 30 year old men standing outside EVERY doorway who yell that you're gay if you won't pay $20 cover to drink $10 beers there. I would return to this hostel.