Reviews: Anonymous

Location: England, Age: 38

Hatters at Hilton Chambers

Manchester, England

Pretty decent hostel, good location, breakfast was quite good and people were not too loud in my room. Struggled to find cheap parking nearby and the hostel charges for use of internet computers, kitchen space was large enough, just about enough space, lounge space was ok, TV didn't seem to work, quite a few people were staying long-term so must be ok.

Everton Hostel

Liverpool, England

This hostel is not based in the centre, but they do have street parking which was good for me. The staff were not always there to get people booked in and there formed a queue of people in the lounge as a result while I was there. The kitchen is ok, toilets are only in the room apart from one next to the kitchen, TV lounge and internet computers are good.

Igloo Backpackers Hostel

Nottingham, England

Good hostel, decent beds although I had someone sleeping above me who spent all of their time camped on the bed using their laptop - from 5pm when I arrived to 1am or later. Staff were good, hostel location is ok a walk to the centre and I found somewhere to park nearby. Kitchen was ok with space in the fridge and I had no problems getting a shower.

Traveler's Guesthouse

Sucre, Bolivia

This hostel was ok, but a bit more expensive than some other places and their English was not good. Our room was fairly large, with cupboard space, the bed had a poor mattress and the common spaces were not good enough for me.

La Torre

Tupiza, Bolivia

Good place, with an ok breakfast. Our room was quite nice, bt the room could have been cheaper for Bolivia. Hostel also books good tours.


Hostel is ok generally, wi-fi was a bit poor and cut out. We booked for the night but then cancelled and they charged us half the fee plus some extra charges so we ended up paying 3/4 of the price which is not good value as they probably could have re-used the bed as we had not slept in them.

Hostal Talar

San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

This hostel is ok but the woman who owns it is not a good person to run a hostel, Estaban who works there is a great guy anbd speaks English, while she threw a friend out and would`t even let her wait in the hall for a few minutes while people got ready to go out and San Pedro does get pretty cold. Rooms were generally not warm, there is no brekfast, whole town is expensive. They do book some ok tours, but the directions they give from the main square instead of bus station could be improved.

La Covacha Hostel

Salta, Argentina

I found the breakfast rather poor here - just bread and jam and I came here after Brazil which had great breakfasts. They played some loud music which I found irritating, album music which you generally would only listen to if you liked the particular artist and they played it late and past the time when they said to be quiet although I didn't hear much in my room so slept ok. Internet was ok but did cut out.

El Nómada Hostel Asunción

Asuncion, Paraguay

I liked the staff here and the breakfast was great. they offered me another room but I chose to stay in the 4 bed whcih was a bit cold and was next to the road. what I didn't like was that you had to get someone to open the door everytime you wanted to come in or leave the hostel.

Mango Chill

Puerto Iguazu, Argentina

I had a great time at this hostel and met some fun people. Sadly there is no kitchen to use so you either have to go out or eat the barbeque they make which I missed one evening as it was early. Hostel had electric sockets for all plugs, and is next to the bus station.

Discovery Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Great hostel with a good crowd of people some of whom left and came back. Staff are friendly, the location is good, and they let you bring your own drinks in. The breakfast only being served from 8.30 exactly is a bit annoying and they could do with another toilet/ shower. The 9 bed triple bunk room is next to the street so bring ear plugs

Vibe Hostel

Paraty, Brazil

I liked this hostel but the electricity sockets did not work and there was only one toilet which means you have to wait. The breakfast was good and the staff were great and there is a kitten who gets everywhere so watch out if you are allergic to cats. We went out at night and came back and the security guard was asleep and had locked the door so I climbed up the roof to get in and open the door for my friend. You can wash clothes here for 10 real but make sure there is space to dry.

CityLights Hostel

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Hostel directions were pretty good, breakfast was pretty good, but there seemed to be too many staff messing around in the evenings playing music whcih I really did´t like and people didn´t seem to want to know each other. The worst thing for me was the beds in my room the 8 bed dorm were next to each other and had no backs so that if someone slept in the bed next to you then your feet could easily touch in the night whcih is not good. I also had some real idiots in my room who took ages to ge

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Sorry about the people in your room, you've chosen a shared one, which is by the way very spacious. We also have suits available if need more space and privacy. Sorry about our music, we love it and we have a deal here: we turn CL SOUNDs off everyday at 11pm. And sorry if you didn't spend some quality time with our guests cooking or cheering at CL BAR. Calling them "real idiots" is not a very good way to get to "know each other". Cheers!

Sunset Backpackers

Florianopolis, Brazil

Had a great time here and met some fun people. UnUnfortunately my phone charger disappeared from the room. hostel has people performing music, has great breakfasts and goid tv area as well as patio, bar and internet computers

Hostel de los Colores

Piriapolis, Uruguay

This is an ok hostel, very well organised, clean, good rooms, but it was not complete yet as the kitchen and common area was still being done or looked like it was. Place was fairly empty as its off season which can be good, but the price was very high possibly because other places have closed for the winter.

Anna Guesthouse

Dubrovnik, Croatia

A good apartment with a nice outside patio area and a friendly helpful owner. We stayed for 3 nights and enjoyed our time there. Recommend people do a boat tour for one day and see the old town and possibly Lokrum island on another day if they are organised. If you book, take down their phone number and call when you get to or near the bus station for a pick up which was very helpful.