Reviews: svallee5446

Location: Canada, Gender: Male, Age: 40

Oaklands Lodge

Auckland, New Zealand

Only a single night, so I didn't really get to experience the place or socialize. But from what I've seen it's a very good place, close to a bunch of stores and restaurants in a quiet neighbor. The bus is very close too, so it's a big plus. I would definitely stay there again if I pass by Auckland again.


Great staff, nice place to stay. Sadly I've only been there a day, mostly sleeping, so I have a limited experience of the place. But I've got no issues. Good value for the price.

Annecy Hostel

Annecy, France

My kind of favorite hostel, not too big and easy to socialize. It's not too far from the old city, but a bit of a walk when it's raining. Unless you take he bus which is almost right in front of the hostel. Great and welcoming staff. Has lockers if you ask for the key. I will definitely stay there again if I go back to Annecy. Only complain is WiFi doesnt reach most of the rooms, so you have to get down to the common area to use it.


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HI-Banff Alpine Centre

Banff, Canada

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Habitat HQ

Melbourne, Australia

I have to say, a really good hostel, very big and spacious, well maintained. But it's just not my type of hostel (I prefer smaller/cozier hostels). No real negative points to bring, except maybe the staff at the reception desk, although helpful, didn't seem to be involved with what was going on, not going the extra distance to be friendly, they seemed to do their work and that's it. But maybe it's the norm in big hostels, which I'm not used to.


One never quite know what to expect when he chose a weird underground hostel, but it was absolutely fantastic. It's comfortable, clean, super silent, and the underground temperature is cool which I like. On the surface, there's every thing needed: huge kitchen, living/tv room, laundry, showers, toilets, a bar, pool table, etc. And Coober Pedy ended up a lot more fun to visit than I thought, at least enough to fill a full day. All in all one of my most memorable hostel experience ever.

Alice Lodge Backpackers

Alice Springs, Australia

Definitelly a great place to stay in Alice. And I LOVED the free wifi internet, something quite rare in Australia... The hostel itself has a lot of character.


This hostel immediately ranked as my favorite of all I tried so far (tied with the one I stayed in Kyoto). Annie and Doc, the owners, are really welcoming and great people to talk to. The place makes you feel home and is very clean. Also because they own a hostel in Hilo and Kona, they can arrange you to switch from one to the other (if there's available beds) if you decide you had enough of one of the city and wish to stay part of your trip in the other one.


Not a fan of the place, although the people working there were nice. I guess it's just not my type of hostel. I ended up only staying for night and shower, but avoided the place otherwise. I'm glad I had a car to keep my stuff in the trunk, cause they didn't have much safe place to store my stuff. Parking was a pain tho. It's "ok", but I'll try to find someplace else the next time.

Ikawa Ryokan

Hiroshima, Japan

I prefer the smaller, cozy hostels where it's easier to socialize, but this one was ok for my short 2 days stay. The staff is very nice. Now the hostel is VERY clean, but there was a lot of black mold in my bathroom. Not sure why such a clean hostel would have this problem. Otherwise, nice place to stay.


Kyoto, Japan

Based on the reviews, I couldn't wait to meet that Yashi guy. Seriously all the good things said about him is true: he's the ultimate host. The hostel is a old style japanese house, very clean and pretty. Very good location. Definitely the first pick for Kyoto.


I went there based on the great reviews, and boy are they right. One of the best, most unique hostel experience I've been through. Very clean, great common room (if you pick the dormitories) which led to a lot of group night out with a lot of fun people. And the two japanese girls working and living there are SO helpful and welcoming and nice. And so is the rest of the staff at the reception. Oh and awesome location in Asakusa, close to the train and metro.