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Hello my name is Austin from Oklahoma, U.S.A and I must say that Big hostel is an amazing establishment that really has an awesome sense of genuine hospitality along with great accommodations and is located in a convenient/safe area. The building itself is very unique and is surrounded by a beautiful well maintained park. Big hostel is very very well maintained and cleaned thoroughly on a daily basis and I can honestly say that it’s the tidiest hostel I’ve ever been to. 100% rating/recommend

Walk On The Beach Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I’ve traveled 12 countries through Europe and stayed at a plethora of cities and I can HONESTLY say, this was the best hostel experience ever. Superb location with great attention and pinnacle generosity from the staff made this the perfect accommodation. They also offered an awesome variety of guided tours throughout Rio De Janerio, making it very easy for a sight seeker to see all the main attractions as well as local events, at an affordable price. Walk on the Beach Hostel e o Melhor!