Reviews: rkjazz7732

Location: Brazil, Gender: Male, Age: 38

HI Miami Beach

Miami, USA

The hostel doesn´t have a common area to meet people or just to relax. It´s just a place to sleep. For the price they charge, they should offer at least a breakfast and should have people cleaning the bathrooms during day and night like other hostels in Miami Beach. On the other hand, staff is helpful and they have a very good hot shower and good beds so you can have a very good night of sleep.


The main problem is security. I spent 8 nights at the main building. In 3 of them people who were not paying slept inside the bedroom. One of the nights the staff found out. If you know someone who´s staying at the hostel, you can easily acess the rooms. The hostel is nice but for me, security is the most important thing and the MBI Hostel has one of the worst security process that I have ever seem, which is also a problem for them once they let people sleep for free.


Shower of the 245-2nd floor has a problem that the water doesn´t when you go to take a shower, there is water on the ground from the last one who used it. I didn´t memorize the name of the guy, but there´s a guy in the staff that seems he hates people and he hates his job. He really doesn´t know how to deal with a client. If you work in a reception of a´re going to repeat a thousands times how a client will go to the airport. So, be cool and smile or find other job.

Hostel Papaya Getsemani

Cartagena, Colombia

I got very well impressed with the helpful staff. It was the last days of my trip and they really did their efforts to make me feel like home. It´s a cozy hostel very well located near of the bars but at the same time different from other hostels around it´s a quiet place. So, if you want to party you are near of bars just 1 or 2 blocks walking distance and if you want to rest you can.

Happy Buddha Boutique Hostel

Medellin, Colombia

Very nice hostel. Once in Medellin stay there. Just be careful not to stay in the front dorm because of the noise of the bar. It´s a beautiful hostel, with a good bar to meet other travelers and just have some fun. The music in the common areas is also another good thing there. Relaxing music in the morning and afternoon and some cool rock and pop at night. Oh, and the location is just perfect. Lots of bars and restaurants around and a supermarket one block away.

Arcadia Hostel

Medellin, Colombia

They should care more about cleanliness of the bathrooms because the relation consumers x bathrooms is not good. They raise a cat and the whole hostel has a stinky cat smell. Besides that, some people are alergic to pets, so in my opinion, a good a professional hostel doesn´t have pets inside the buildings. On the other hand, the hostel is located in a very good and safe area and the staff is helpful and nice.

Anandamayi Hostel & Hotel

Bogota, Colombia

You will feel just like home there. Do I have to say more?

Dreamkapture Hostal

Guayaquil, Ecuador

A NIGHTMARE!!!! I´ve been backpacking since 1997. Don´t know how many hostels I´ve stayed at and this is the worst hostel I´ve ever stayed at ever!!! The staff was not well trained, bugs in my bed (I was almost eaten alive), cockroachs in the bathroom, the dorm was humid and TOO F HOT, weak lights so when it gets dark you must use a flashligh if you really want to find something inside your backpack and the travel agency they have, I found out they overcharged me for a Scuba package inGalapagos

Alternative Hostels

Cuenca, Ecuador

I enjoyed very much my stay there. They have the best kitchen among the hostels I stayed at this trip. So, If you want to cook and have a good "home-made" food, that´s the place to stay.

BoutiQuito Design Hostel

Quito, Ecuador

Amazing hostel!!! One of the few times I put Excellent for everything.

Los Mostros Hostel

Panama City, Panama

I enjoyed very much my stay there. I had such a short time for visiting Panama and if the staff was not so helpful I just couldn´t make to visit Panama City and San Blas. Thanks so much!!!

Hostel Mostel

Sofia, Bulgaria


Guesthouse Velania

Pristina, Kosovo

The owner thinks he is the King of Kosovo!!! The worst place I have been and the worst experience among 10 years backpacking. If you can, avoid this place and the "Professor" who is the owner!!!


Ohrid, Macedonia

I liked staying there very much. The 2 brothers who run the hostel are extremely kind and it's easy to know people to have fun in the city.

Spirit Hostel

Belgrade, Serbia

The staff is amazing...always patiente and trying to help me and my friend. Its a place to recover energy...the best structure around the Balkans...

The Midland Hostel

Bucharest, Romania

The staff are very friendly and helpful. There is one guy who does walking tours. Its worth going on that. I liked staying there.

Astor Museum Inn

London, England

The location is perfect!!! and they also have a nice breakfast for a hostel. However, the rooms are very small. This hostel is not for claustrofobic people and if you are a litle bit over your weight, you will not be able the have a good shower. The showers are very small, oh, and there was also a problem with hot and cold water.

Astor Museum Inn

London, England

The place is good but a little claustrophobic. What is really good there is the breakfast and the location.