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Latina Hostal

Leon, Nicaragua

Good place run by family. A little bit outside of central like 5 min walk. For 5 bucks a night it's a bargain. You get toast and banana for breakfast. Pretty secure place too.

Hostel Esperanza

San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

Family run hostel it appears. They had a dog and two cats there as well. Free breakfast is included. Not really a party hostel if that is what you are looking for. Beach is right across the street. San Juan del sur can be dangerous at night so just be aware of your surroundings. I almost got mugged at night but I killed them all with my machete, so all was well.

Hostel Oasis Granada

Granada, Nicaragua

Good place to stay in Granada, right near centro. They have excursions for you to do as well if you want group tours. Breakfast was good bananas and pancakes. Kind of in dark area late at night so be careful of your surroundings. I almost got mugged, but I killed them so that's ok.

Hostel Quetzal

Cancun, Mexico

Second time staying here at the hostel. Stayed here about two years ago. Some things have changed but overall it's still a nice hostel. Free breakfast and free dinner. Use to be able to get beers directly from the hostel and drink downstairs but now you must drink upstairs. They use to have free water as well but now they sell it. The upstairs terrace is the drinking terrace now. Like I said some small changes but I would stay here again. Everyone is very nice and excellent location.


Very nice little hostel that is a short little boat ride away from Flores. The cabins remind of being in the virgin islands and everything was very nice. Neil is the most helpful of all. Very honest owner and whatever you need he will go out of his way to help you. Would defintely recommend this place to travelers who are looking to get away and have a nice place to sleep at.

Walaba Hostel and Beach Houses

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

The owners are really great and the day I arrived, there were three cute chihuahua that were running around. They were taken to San Jose, but I'm not sure if they are there regularly or not. Too cute. The beach is right across the street along with excellent Selvins for food. You hear all kinds of wildlife while staying here too. Overall an excellent stay and everyone was so nice and helpful.

Gaudys Backpackers Hostel

San Jose, Costa Rica

No customer comment

Hostel Quetzal

Cancun, Mexico

I've stayed at a lot of hostels and this hostel has to be one of the top ones so far I have been to. Monica the owner of the hostel has done an excellent job with the hostel. Hudson who works there is also excellent and will help you with any questions. The dorms are great, bathrooms are good, and the free breakfast and dinner is excellent. The dinner in themselves are just as good as ones you would find in a regular restaurant. I would definitely recommend this hostel.