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Smart Hyde Park View Hostel

London, England

I ended up staying there for two nights and was in a different room the second night (luckily). The first night, the room I was in smelled a bit and the bathroom was pretty bad (toilet didnt flush correctly and no curtain in the shower so water just got everywhere). The 2nd night I was in a much better situation and would definitely recommend the hostel because of it. The staff were super friendly and helpful. The breakfast was lame but it was free so cant expect much more for the price!

PLUS Camping Michelangelo

Florence, Italy

The view from the campsite is spectacular, you get to see all of florence, definitely the nicest sunset ive seen in europe! Staff was very helpful and besides the tent doors being velcro, it felt very safe. I would stay there again for sure. (oh yea its about a 10-15 min walk to the center and the walk back uphill is about 20 min- its not the worst but you wont be going back and forth alot!)

The Yellow

Rome, Italy

The staff are really friendly and will help you out with anything you need. The price was great and its right by the train and bus stations. Definitely a worthwhile stay!

HI - Lagos Youth Hostel

Lagos, Portugal

The staff was incredibly friendly and really willing to help with all our needs. The location is great, only a 10 min walk from the beach and right next to a few bars.

Las Musas Hostel

Madrid, Spain

really clean environment, friendly and helpful staff, small security lockers, great location. By far one of the best hostels ive ever stayed at!!!!