Reviews: luciolucio294


What an amazing experience! Tomato is such a cozy place, with its fun and cool decoration. It's very near to Porta Nuova station, a truly central location for Turin. Staff couldn't have been more helpful and friendly, and I didn't see any signs of non-cleanliness whatsoever. My only grudge was the computer in the lobby: even though it was free internet access, it had very old versions of browsers installed, which made a few web sites such as gmail not work in full.


Location is amazing, and staff is very very friendly. The shower room didn't have anywhere to hang your stuff, showering was an ordeal. Hot water from the sink was exceedingly hot, couldn't use it and it was very cold outside. Also, one day we ran out of toilet paper on one of the dispensers and it wasn't replaced until 2 days after. Despite the great location and helpful staff, I'd say this hostel is not a good option.