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Antico Capon

Venice, Italy

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B&B La Milagrosa

Alicante, Spain

I would suggest to put blow driers in the bathrooms.


Very nice solutions. The staff is great: young and always available. They offer a great service that I am not used to have in other hostels around the world, in order to have to whole Valencia experience. The only bad thing was not having a "real" window from my room: it faced the indoor courtyard with kitchen, so it wasn't possible to get fresh air from the outside. But it was ok for just a few nights.

Sandy Hostel

Rome, Italy

Bedbugs WARNING! Hygienic condition is terrible! The day after sleeping there I have been diagnosed with dermatitis (itch) due to contact with bedbugs. It was very painful and annoying. It required medical assistance and medications. And also it wasn't that cheap. Anyway, no low-priced fee can justify such an uncivilized situation! Mattresses and pillows were old, consumed, yellow and smelly. A very atrocious experience to forget and to report! Avoid this place:sleeping on the street is clenaer