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Downtown Hostel Timisoara

Timisoara, Romania

I would like to say a big thanks to the friendly and helpful staff from Down town hostel who made my stay enjoyable.The hostel is small and cozy and well located.The hostel is clean and comfortable.The rooms are big and have lockers. This is the place to stay when visiting Timisoara and i would recommend it to anyone planing on staying in Timisoara.

Hostel Franz Ferdinand

Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina

The hostel is new, modern and very clean. the staff are helpful and friendly with things to do and where to go.The rooms have large lockers and comfortable beds with reading lights.It is all so very easy to find from the main bus and train stations.Would recommend this hostel to any one who is planning on staying is Sarajevo for a couple of days. The hostel is definitely worth the money.

The Wallaby House Hostel

Zagreb, Croatia

I found the staff helpful and friendly with plenty advice on where to eat and drink. The hostel is easy to find and only 5 min walk from the main bus station.The rooms are comfortable and clean as well as the bath room. The common area and kitchen have every thing you need. All in all i enjoyed my stay and would recommend the hostel to any one who is thinking of staying in Zagreb.

El Diablo Hostel Belgrade

Belgrade, Serbia

Grate hostel,Grate location,Grate staff.very clean and cozy hostel where you can meet other travelers.Ivan and Dragan give you a warm welcome and make you feel at home.They all so give grate advice on thing's to see and do in and around Belgrade.The hostel is with in walking distance of all the sights,bar's restaurants.This is one of the better hostels i have stayed in.


Grate location with in walking distance to all the attractions,easy to find when walking from bus or train station.The staff are very friendly and helpfull,they will even show you some grate places to go for a beer and something to eat.The hostel has a homely feel and is a grate place to meet other travelers. Really enjoyed my stay and would highly recommend to any one heading to Edinburgh.

Funky Fes

Fez, Morocco

The staff were very unhelpful and had a ( i don't care not my problem attitude) thay kept turning off the air com through out the day and night,when asked why the air con was turned off there reply was thay didn't know and someone might come and fix it to morrow. We kept getting randome people comming into our room to use the shower and toillet,not just once but 4 or 5 times so much for being able to lock the room when you went out. would not recomend this placs to a stray dog.

Samay Hostel Sevilla

Seville, Spain

The staff were very helpfull and friendly ,thay tryed there best to help me when i left my wallet in a cab. the hostel was clean and close to most things. I enjoyed my stay and would go back again.

In Old Shoes

Belgrade, Serbia

The hostel is in a grate location,10 min walk from every thing you want and need. The staff are are extremely helpful and friendly,would recommend this hostel to any one coming to Belgrade.

The Drunken Monkey Hostel

Zadar, Croatia

The staff at the drunken monkey are realy friendly and super helpfull. If there is any thing you want to know or do while staying Zadar the staff at the hostel will do there best to help you. I realy enjoyed the layed back homely feal the hostel has to offer. I highly recomend any one thinking of staying in Zadar to stay at the drunken monkey


The staff are super helpfull and friendly.the hostel is only 5 min walk from bus and train station and only 15 min walk to the old town. this hostel is one of the cleanest and well run I've stayed in and would recomend this hostel to any who is planing on going to Edinburgh.

Abbey Court

Dublin, Ireland

starf are helpfull and polite,location is good but the internet keped dropping out.the hostel it self dosn't have a homely feal out it.

Abrahams Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

starf where friendly & helpfull.

Belfast International Youth Hostel

Belfast, Northern Ireland

fund some staf unfriendly,having the kitchen close at 9pm & tv room at midnight leaves u with nothing to do. felt like i stayin at a dodge retierment village. would not recomend to anyone how likes to sit arond to have a chat & acoffie