Reviews: mpeisen4987

Itaca Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

The staff was friendly. The location was great and not too noisy. The other guests were considerate and easy-going.

Med Cezir Hotel

Istanbul, Turkey

Med Cezir is the bomb. The staff was very friendly and servicable from the moment we walked in; they speak English well. They are constantly offering complementary tea and assuring that you enjoy your stay. The location is perfect for the more touristy area of Istanbul. Although the commodations aren't lavish, everything is clean. I would ask if they have any suggestions for cheap secrets because sometimes what they recommend was on the pricy side. I highly recommend their hotel.

Old City Esma Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Not only was this hostel under construction, which I only found out after having made the reservation, I still haven't received my initial deposit, even having made a reservation at another hostel. All my communications with this hostel have been sketchy and on unofficial e-mails. Do not reserve here!

Traveler's Inn Seville

Seville, Spain

I got really mixed vibes from this hostel. The staff seemed friendly, but sometimes I wondered if they were being nice just to get good reviews. Also, being that my room shared a window with the reception desk, it was hard to sleep with the racket of that and the obnoxious people I shared a room with. The free walking tour was nice, but if I were to go back to Sevilla I'd find a place that loans out more generous sheets and has more accessible bathrooms.

HI - Tavira

Tavira, Portugal

The hostel was nice and quiet and the staff was friendly and ready to answer any questions I had. The breakfast kept me full for several hours.

Yes! Lisbon Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

Great hostel. The staff is extremely friendly and they offer tasty dinners (you must pay) and a free walking tour. My only critique is that it attracts a lot of people that just wanna party.

Equity Point London

London, England

The staff was nice, but they charge you for time on the computer and for a lock in your room. The breakfast was fairly limited, and I would recommend that you stay in a room with fewer persons. The hostel is well-located.

Hostel Beautiful 2

Rome, Italy

This hostel was a mixed experience. The employee treated me like an idiot, and they didn't have any computers for internet access. The location is essentially a dump and the hostel is not all that nice. That said, I got my own six-person room for 2 nights, and they let me store my stuff there free of charge for half a day after I checked out.

Ciak Hostel

Rome, Italy

The bad thing about this hostel is that they nickel and dime you for things like Internet and a lock on your locker. The top bunk was also quite rickety. The staff was quite nice though and the location is conveniently located and in a good neighborhood.


They nickle and dime you for a lot of stuff like breakfast and sheets.