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Location: USA, Gender: Male,

This is what hosteling is all about. Meeting people from all walks of life regardless of age, education, income or background. I'm temped to start my own. Billie is a true house mother and host. Goes out of her way to help those staying at her house. Loved Fairbanks and the people there as well. I nominate this hostel as the best I've ever stayed.

The Sleeeping Maris Tallinn

Tallinn, Estonia

Great location and the owner is trying his best to make it even better. Since Estonia has had independence for only about 20+ years it's still obvious the soviet influence on the building is still present. I think fire alarms in each room would be helpful as well as emergency exits posted.

STF/IYHF Skeppsholmen

Stockholm, Sweden

The best hostel in Stockholm. Two blocks from the Grand Hotel which charges at least $300 a night. By the way you have a choice of staying at the hostel on land or the ship, "The Chapmen" located there as well.

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Dear Sir, I agree with you, our location is very good. Best Regards, Mattias