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Mango Tree Ilha Grande

Ilha Grande, Brazil

I wanted to love this hostel, the staff are lovely, the place is really chilled out, decent breakfast and an amazing location. There's some odd science happening in the room though; it was very damp. The room smelled damp, the bed sheets were damp and when I picked up my glasses in the morning they were steamed up from vapour - I've no idea what was going on but it wasn't pleasant. It might be isolated to our room though, I hope it was because this is a lovely little place otherwise.


Best hostel I've ever stayed at. Simple as that. It's got it all. You could possibly say it could be more central but its very close to metro stations on good lines for getting in to the centre of Shanghai. I rearranged my trip so I could spend more time in Shanghai, partly because this hostel is so good.

Suzhou Watertown Hostel

Suzhou, China

Good location but theres a HI hostel closer to the action of Suzhou. Lovely place though.

West Lake Youth House

Hangzhou, China

A brilliant place if you're in Hangzhou for the lake which I was. For exploring the rest of Hangzhou not so much though. Also, its a bit tricky to find and my taxi driver had a nightmare trying to find it. I think that says more about Chinese taxi drivers though.

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Thank you for your rate,welcome back.


Really good location and a very nice place to stay.

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Hello, Thank you for your review, We’re so happy that you enjoyed your stay in This Old Place.Have a nice day! This Old Place


Real nice place with a beautiful courtyard to hang out it. It could be closer to the Xi'an sights but its very close to the train station which is handy. The only downside is not having wifi in the bedrooms but whatever.


What a view! Great location, its not Manhattan but you're less than 5 minutes from the subway on a line that takes you straight to Times Square so its not a problem. Its a shame there isn't any lockers but its no biggie.

City Hostel Seattle

Seattle, USA

Slightly out of the way but otherwise a really good hostel. Very satisfying loud clunking noise when you unlock the front doors at night, nobody's getting through those bad boys without a key.

HI-Vancouver Central

Vancouver, Canada

Good quality hostel, the only gripe is the small kitchen making breakfast a cramped event regardless of what time you head down but this is made up for by excellent bathrooms and dorms. One thing to mention is that the hostel is on a street with numerous bars and clubs so if you're a light sleeper you may want to request a room at the back or on a higher floor. Luckily I can sleep through a nuclear explosion so I was fine.

HI-Calgary City Centre

Calgary, Canada

Great place! I extended my stay in Calgary and never considered moving. Would definitely stay again!

Global Village Backpackers

Toronto, Canada

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Phoenix Hostel

London, England

For the price its decent. Bananas at breakfast, that's pretty ideal.

Traveller Apart

Krakow, Poland

The hostel is very clean, nice room, good beds. The only issue at the moment is road works going on in the street that the hotel is on so throughout the week you will get awoken at 6-7am. Ive still rated the location as Excellent because it is. Its a few minute walk from where Krakow really kicks off and there isnt much going on in the immediate area around the hostel so its normally quiet. Just at the moment, and Id estimate for another month or 2, the noise during the day is pretty bad.