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Kif-Kif Marrakech

Marrakech, Morocco

Great staff, clean, considerate guests and personnel, warm beds, clean showers, fun view on rooftop, excellent location once you know how the streets and alleys work. Great that they work with the Waka Waka Hostel quite well. We were able to leave our baggage here for a few days while we were in the desert, came back, and had a place to stay. Greeted with a tea, cookies, well worth it! Great value.

Hostel Waka Waka, Marrakech

Marrakech, Morocco

Some of the nicest, friendliest, funniest/fun staff I've met while traveling. Great location once one knows the streets. We arrived and they were booked full even though we had a reservation but it was no problem at all. They found us a place, and their annex is right off of a main side street. Booked a large room but got a sweet personal suite. The bathroom was not the cleanest but in the main area it is well maintained. Fun night atmosphere, great tajine dinner, accommodating staff! Thanks!

Sime Simunic Apartment

Zadar, Croatia

Great place, such a nice host who helped us not only with our late night check-in as our bus came in after midnight but also the next day helped my friend with her medical problems. Her husband drove us back into the main city, she gave us helpful tips - it was a short stay but I wish it would have been longer! Thanks again!

Kusalo Guesthouse

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Kusalo Guesthouse, while a bit of a walk from the main bus station, works for those who are visiting Dubrovnik and want a quiet place to stay. The owner is very friendly and quite helpful. It seems a bit odd at first to be sharing a place with a family but that was known before arriving. We had no internet access so we really appreciated her help in the morning as she let me use her iPad so we could continue our travels, really helpful. Wish we could have used the kitchen more but next time.