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H Rado Hostel

Santiago, Chile

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PataPata Hostel

Valparaiso, Chile

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USA Hostels San Diego

San Diego, USA

Loved the hostel. The lockers have outlets inside them so you can still charge your stuff which is brilliant. The only downside of this place is checkout time is at 10am - way too early for my blood.

Firehouse Hostel

Austin, USA

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Shining Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

We booked a room for 12 and there were 14 beds jam packed into a room. My friend's bed was pushed together with another bunk bed and she was laying directly with a random guy- there was no room to separate the beds. My friend definitely woke up with a rash from the bed. The bathroom showers leave very little to the imagination ie you can see through them besides one strategically placed stripe across the shower door.