Reviews: Anonymous

Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 66

Pacifica Hotel

San Diego, USA

There was noone on duty for at least 1 and ahalf hrs. It should not be in data base. This is textbook definition of flophouse. Very bad experience. There were 2 old drunks walking around making noise. No security person. No one on front desk. No note. No place to sit down. I wouldn't go back there for free.

Little Boy Blue Motel

Anaheim, USA

All OK except a really overly aggresive crazy woman who behaved like the lowest level street hustler when I came to check-in. She tried to cheat me. I almost lost my self control w/this animal; however a man named Jay replaced her and was excellent w/cust. svc. and correcting her "mistake." I didn't see her again. He humbly apologized for her behavior. I reccommend this place!