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Backpacker's Home

Jeju Island, South Korea

A very decent hostel. The room was very clean and air conditioned. The owners were extremely friendly and helpful - speaking excellent English. The included breakfast was also a bonus. At the time I visited most other travellers were Korean, which from my perspective was a good thing, but some international travellers might not prefer this. Also there is not really a common room to meet others but the bar area makes up for this. A solid stay, would use it again.

A Casa di Amici

Palermo, Italy

A very good hostel. Excellent character. The hostel owner was an extremely talented drummer and had covered the walls in various musical instruments and other decorations. The kitchen facilities were excellent and well stocked. The staff were friendly and helped give advice. Nice single beds and A/C.The only minor bugbear is that a lot of the rooms were in the adjacent apartment. It wasn't too far away but might be nice to know in advance if you were being put in those rooms. Would stay again.

B&B Porta Carlo V

Catania, Italy

Good B&B for the price. Very well located (about a minute from everything in the center of town). Decorated in a traditional Italian style - good character. Good breakfast with yoghurt, cereal, coffee, bread and jams. The family who run this B&B live just above the rooms in a connected apartment. There was a small mix up with our room and they were very friendly - inviting us upstairs for a drink.

B&B Cinquestelle

Naples, Italy

Excellent B&B! This B&B was superb value for money. The rooms were spotless and clean, well air-conditioned, had comfortable beds and satellite tv. Moreover, breakfast (although small) was of a high quality. Moreover, Eugine - the owner - was fantastically hospitable. He has a great sense of humour and was incredibly helpful, giving great advice. Would stay again without a shadow of a doubt.

Montenegro Hostel

Kotor, Montenegro

Not a bad hostel. As said, the location is fantastic! This hostel is in the middle of the fortified town. The pros: nice colourful walls, helpful excursions, big kitchens and lockers. Cons: slightly eccentric (although nice) staff, only two bathrooms for the whole hostel (grossly insufficient as the toilets are in with the showers), and cleaned every day but could be cleaner.

Hostel Majdas (former Majdas Rooms)

Mostar, Bosnia And Herzegovina

I've travelled quite a lot and this is one of the best hostels I have stayed in. Other reviews are right: it feels more like a flat than a hostel (but in a good way). Everything is spotless and very colourful. We felt at home here with cake upon arrival and helpful staff. The lounge area was fantastic for meeting people. This hostel definitely attracted thoughtful, experienced and interesting travellers, that I rarely encountered during the rest of our European trip.

Pansion Divan

Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina

Location is unbeatable - very central to everything and next to the city hall. The staff were helpful and polite. The rooms were comfortable, although the shower was cold and drawers were not clean (we found a packet of viagra in one of them!). There is also a fair bit of noise from the radio on the bar downstairs. However, if you want a cheap and comfortable stop for one evening then this will do.

Hedonist Hostel

Belgrade, Serbia

This is a very good hostel. The location is fantastic and very central to everything in Belgrade. The staff were friendly and helpful (esp. with bookings etc.). The rooms were clean and had excellent lockers. Kitchen was a bit small but clean and well laid out. Very nice courtyard area. One thing: I would recommend booking a 4 man dorm if you want sleep as the 10 man is quite noisy. Would stay here again.

Doors Hostel

Bucharest, Romania

On the one hand this hostel did many things well: it was well decorated; had a good, clean kitchen; and was friendly to guests and helped them with bookings etc. However, the room had BED BUGS. An extermination team was sent the following day, but it should have been spotted sooner as the room was crawling with them. One member of staff helped a lot with this, others did not seem to care. Also be warned that the bar is full of locals, and not other travelers, so meeting people can be hard

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Unfortunately, bed bugs are the hostels curse. We call the extermination team everytime somebody announces us of their appearance. So we want to encourage you all, tell the hostel staff if you detect anything of this sort. We want the best experience for our travelers, and we would do anything to make the visit to Romania as pleasant as possible. Yes, locals are also welcome in our tea garden, and many travelers love it cause they get to know how young people from Romania think, have fun or interact. Life time friendships have been created in our garden between Romanians and travelers, because the people who come here for tea are mostly artists and open people who are easy to talk to and fun to be with. Of course, it's good to know what to expect as you cross our door, so keep in mind that also young people from Bucharest come here to have a quiet cup of tea, or to just relax with a natural smoothie.

Newcastle Beach YHA

Newcastle, Australia

This hostel has a bizzare but great interior reminicent of an old English hotel (in a good way!) and is not clinical as I think some YHAs are. The hostel is pretty clean, has a good kitchen and there are loads of recommended activity ideas posted up everywhere. The location is great and central too. The best aspect of this hostel is its internally run wine tour. It is run by a guy called Tex who is one of the most energetic, eccentric and entertaining people i've ever come accross.

Aussie Way Hostel

Brisbane, Australia

If you are searching for a quiet and clean hostel as an alternative to the party hostels that seem to dominate Brisbane then you have found it here. Other guests are also nice as opposed to the kind of people attracted to party hostels also. The staff were helpful and polite (unlike some other hostels in Bris!) and the common room and kitchen were both extremely clean and homely. I was particularly excited by the existance of ovens in the kitchen..! I'd stay here again.

Airlie Waterfront Backpackers

Airlie Beach, Australia

This hostel is in a fantastic location on the waterfront and very close to the bus station. The hostel was very modern with stainless steal and whitewalls throughout (maybe a bit souless therefore for the fussy). It had an internet room, common/tv room, good kitchen with tv and ovens and an attached food court so therefore had good facilities. This hostel is quieter than others in Airlie but still has a mix of people so if you are looking to go out you can but if you want to sleep you can too.

Cairns City Backpackers

Cairns, Australia

I'm glad I stayed at this hostel as it was just as described by other travellers, a comfortable and quiet place to stay. If you are looking for a party obviously don't come here but if you want to meet other likeminded travellers interested in doing and seeing things pay it a visit. I was particularly impressed by the cleaniness of kitchen/bed areas compared to most hostels. As a bonus the staff were friendly and helpful too.