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Auberge Bishop

Montreal, Canada

The AC is an amazing feature. The bed was loud and uncomfortable with really flat useless pillows. Security was a concern as the front door is open 24/7 and the staff sometimes wandered. Plus the room locks were very old and rickety. The kitchen is nice but the fridges need severe cleaning. Nice common area, but I found the vibe very insular. It was hard to make friends as a solo traveler. Found it annoying that some staff had very little French skills. However, altogether great location.

Auberge Bishop

Montreal, Canada

Great location. Love the A/C. Beautiful old house. Was difficult to determine staff from guests. Security was too lax in my opinion: front door always open as well as door to stairs/dorms. Individual dorms' locks seemed very superficial and didn't lock automatically. Was a great place to stay in a group; however, not a lot of atmosphere for individuals looking to make friends.

Canadiana Backpackers Inn

Toronto, Canada

The location is absolutely excellent; if you are coming from Union station it is actually faster for you to walk than take the subway. I only have 2 real beefs. First, my room was bloody hot at night. There were notices stating not to open windows as we were on the first floor. Without some sort of air circulation, it is impossible to sleep. Second, there is a grand amount of long-term residents. They were unwelcoming and extremely messy. They generally acted as if they owned the place.

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Thanks for the feedback. The reason you could not open the windows is because our air conditioning units were attached to them. If your room was too hot you could turn up the A/C or ask reception to turn down the central air.


Montreal, Canada

There is an excellent vibe at this hostel. Staff go out of their way to not only give you a tour but also introduce you to other travellers. Excellent location, interesting facilities though a bit old/tired. Do not confuse "old" with "dirty". Everything was clean and functioning. My only problem was that it was unbearably hot at night and only 1 of our windows would open. The hostel would do well to invest in some fans. Would definitely return, but not during a heatwave.


The hostel somehow ran out of sheets! I don't know how this is possible considering the main purpose is to provide and adequate BED but on Friday nite & asked at the Reception for pillow cases (my roommate hadn't any either) & they stated they were all out. It seemed understaffed - at nite there was only 1 guy working & it was very stressful for everyone. However I've stayed in worse.


By far the closest thing to perfection. The design of the building itself is very well planned & spacious. Awesome location to metro station. I loved that the bar was in the basement - that way ppl could actually sleep at night. However I wish breakfast was included as I didn't find it worth the 3,70 E when there was a cheap grocery next door.


It was a weird kind of fun as everything was Sound of Music related - it was on at least twice a day. Great location. Very compfy beds. Staff were amazing. Only wish the toilets weren't co-ed

Ace Hotel (Kensington)

London, England

Absolutley fantastic. Very clean.Beds were comfortable, sheets clean, breakfast plentiful. good but not great location however very easy to find & next to tube station. Lots of places to chill out. I will definitely stay here again.

St Christopher's at The Winston

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Perfect for the not-so-wild partier. The location is very central, and just within the red light however the atmosphere separated the shenanigans from the sleeping. It kinda sucked cuz you lost your common area when the bar closed though. (If there was other common areas I was never told of it). (btw I was in a female 8 person room)

City Backpackers Hostel

Stockholm, Sweden

Excellent location just down the street from City Terminalen. The coded entry system was fantastic. There was free internet and a lot of usable common space. My only negatives were the bathrooms. The boast their "trail of 9 toilets" however most of them are in tucked into what seemed to be corner-closets as an afterthought -- doesn\\\'t really leave you with a lot of room to do your business. Plus they were kind of dirty - all functioning but they look tired. All they need is a good scrubb

St Christopher's Village

London, England

The mold & the incredible dust in my room made me sick for my entire stay. Some of my roommates saw cockroaches so we tried our best to sleep with the lights on. Furthermore, there is a poor bathroom-to-backpacker ratio. I was surprised, because other St. Chris\'s are spectacular. I would not stay here again and I would not recommend it to others.

YHA Liverpool

Liverpool, England

Amazingly close to the Albert Docks. Nothing special fun-wise but a nice solid place to lodge. The staff is very accommodating and really go out of their way to make sure that EVERYONE has a chance for a good stay.


A very nice 2 star hotel for a very decent price. Nothing spectacular but no complaints. It was a nice change from the regular hostel scene.


I love this hostel because it is the closest hostel to Paris\' core. Face it, you aren\'t going to find a hostel rite downtown. The St Chris\' is very secure and organized. The bathrooms got a lil messy on a Friday nite but with all the traffic going through there it was to be expected.


Overall I had an awesome experience with this hostel. I would definitely recommend it. My room & bathroom was spotless, the free breakfast was a great bonus, & everyone was super nice. My only hesitations concern the curfew & the lack of luggage lockers. If you arrive before check-in in hopes of leaving your suitcases so you can explore the city stress-free your suitcases are left in a open-to-everyone foyer.