Reviews: Anonymous

Embassie Liverpool Backpackers

Liverpool, England

Two things are good about this hostel: the staff and the price. Apart from that, it's pretty below average. Not enough toilets and the showers are really cramped together, plus they are on the basement so if you have a room upstairs you are in trouble. Lockers are available but not enough for everyone. I recommend this place if you are on a budget or going to Liverpool during low season and for only a couple days, like I did. I cannot imagine this place when it's full.


Probably the most friendly staff I've ever seen. Very eager to help and give advice on what to do in the city. The hostel is very clean, organized and safe. The showers could have a bit of maintenance as the two shower heads on the first floor were hanging by tape. No breakfast but to be honest it's not necessary, there are really cheap cafes and bars just outside the front door. The wifi is very unstable but it's free so can't complaint.

Abercorn House Hostel

London, England

This place feels more like a budget hotel than a hostel, which is OK if you are just looking for a place to crash during your trip. It is extremely clean and white (feels like a hospital). Reception staff is not very friendly but honest enough. For the price I would expect at least free wifi. But in general a good place with a great location in London.


Extremely clean and organized. The most friendly staff I've ever met! The accommodation is close to the tube so you're set to go anywhere in London. Room is cleaned daily and the campus has all you need in terms of food and laundry.

Choice Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Excellent location (a few blocks from Copacabana Beach), extremely friendly staff and very familiar atmosphere. It's not a place for parties but rather to have a relaxed time. Bathroom are a bit small but are always clean as the rest of the hostel. Also, free internet if you need it!

B&B Salvatore

Rome, Italy

B&B here stands for Bed & Bed, because that's all you get. Breakfast consist of an industrial croissant and strawberry jelly. The rooms and bathroom (shared) are nice, and location (close to train station) is helpful, but forget about any other thing you might get in anywhere else. If you are staying just for a night then you're sorted, if not, look for somewhere else.

The Ritz by Hostel Inn

Buenos Aires, Argentina

the private rooms are good but don't you dare get a shared bathroom, it's disgusting! The hotel (more like a hostel without the fun part of it) is ok. Great location and friendly staff.

The Ritz by Hostel Inn

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Nice hotel with a hostel vibe. Excellent location and friendly staff.

Arco Youth Hostel A&A

Barcelona, Spain

Price & Location. That`s what you get in this hostel. The rooms are quite simple and noisy (even in a 4-bed), but they are ok. They have nice and clean bathrooms. The kitchen is average but the breakfast is really poor, even to hostel standards. Some staff are very friendly, others won`t look at your face. If you just want a place to sleep in the city center for a good value, I`d recommend this hostel, but don't get your hopes up.

Globetrotter Inn London

London, England

One of the best hostels I`ve ever been to. It`s huge, there`s an amazing pub downstairs. The staff are friendly and polite. The beds are very comfortable and the price is good for a hostel in London. The only negative point that I see is the location, but 25 minutes in the subway is not that bad.