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Location: Australia, Age: 36

The Mad Monkey Siem Reap

Siem Reap, Cambodia

If you like to have a few drinks and party then you'll like Mad Monkey. They have a great bar.

Our Melting Pot

Manila, Philippines

Overrated - Disappointed - I left to go to another hostel on my last day despite having already fully paid. The hostel lacks atmosphere with the common area akin to a doctors waiting room right next to reception. Unisex toilet block separated by frosted glass and open at the top, similar to what you might expect at a music festival or construction camp. Wash basin/mirror in hallway with no door. No room in the showers to put clothes down. Dorm rooms okay & hostel staff nice and friendly.

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We're taking all these as constructive feedback. They give us an opportunity to improve on our service offering. We would just like to say though that every experience is relative to the individual. Thanks.

Frendz Resort Boracay

Boracay Island, Philippines

I stayed 9 nights at Frendzs and had an amazing time. The hostel makes it easy for people to come together and enjoy what Boracay has to offer. Enjoy!


Tallinn, Estonia

The building is really nice and spacious with multiple kitchens and a very large common room. Unfortunately there is not a very good backpacker vibe as the common room is so big and there are so many nooks and crannies to hide/ do your own thing. If you are a backpacker looking to scoialise I wouldnt recommend this hostel. If you are with friends and just want to hang out together then this place may be for you. No shoes inside = dirty socks Good security Good kitchens Hippy vibe


No customer comment


Los Amigos is a good hostel in a great location. The Pros of this hostel are great kitchen, decent sized rooms, location and free breakfast. Giovanni and the young lady at reception are also very nice and cheerful. The Cons are the late 2pm check in, the kitchen is closed between 10am and 2 pm, on their info sheets it states that the kitchen is open from 8am to 11pm, so this is wrong and I wasn't told on check in. The guy that checked me in was a little frosty. Good mix of solo and group travellers

Las Musas Hostel

Madrid, Spain

This hostel is in a fairly central location. The area seems a bit dodgy but is presumably safe. The hjostel is a party hostel and you are more likely to find travelling packs rather than solo travellers. Nice kitchen & decent sized dorm rooms. Not the best place to meet fellow travellers but a recommended hostel nevertheless. Pedro from reception was very cheerful and helpful.


A very well located hostel being right next to Tainamen Sq and the Forbidden City. The bar is quite nice and the wifi reception is good. The bar serves draught beer as well as food. I would come back again.

Yangshuo Showbiz Hostel

Yangshuo, China

I really enjoyed this hostel. The rating I have given is the highest I have given for any hostel and this is because the rooms and atmosphere is great. I only gave the staff 80% - they were nice but sometimes a bit vague on details


Overall this was a good hostel and I would recommend it. Big hostel with a hotel feel. Large bar/cafe/restaurant downstairs. The food was very average for the price but you can always eat elsewhere...Internet connection seemed unreliable at night. All the staff were nice however two of the girls could not understand anything I was saying and I had to abort any requests for help.

Kimchee Sinchon Guesthouse

Seoul, South Korea

This hostel has good facilities and is well located, however it lacks a good hostel vibe. If you are a solo traveller this is not the place to go. There is no maximum stay period so there are several long term stayers who are very cliquey. One of the guys seemed to think he owned the place, moped around the hostel all day and slept on the only common area couch. I wouldn't stay here again.


If you have a JR Rail Pass this place is handy as its just a ferry ride from Miyajima Island and a 20 min ride into Hiroshima. Note that the hostel is not atually on Miyajima Island which I thought it was prior to arrival. The dorms are very much communal and the only thing separating the 8 bed tatami bed dors and the 4 other dorm "areas" on each level was a curtain. Good social vibe but average facilities. 80/100


Excellent Hostel - Very hard to fault. Plenty of staff tp assist with everything(Staff member Yu wss very helpful with recommending things to do). All amenities well maintained and the common area is huuuge.


I booked an 8 bed dorm. On arrival I discovered that the room had a very foul odour, not really bearable in fact. I noted that previous reviews had also mentioned this. I was offered a 4 bed dorm at extra cost or a 10 bed dorm at the same price. Another room I inspected also had a must damp odour about it - but I ended up with a smell free room. The common area on ground free is good with plenty of computers and wifi access for free, comfy couches, TV and lockers. The lockers are great.

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Thank you for your stay in Khaosan Tokyo Annex. We are sorry that you did not have comfortable stay with us. Everyday we try our best to clean the room to the corners but sometimes we have to ask for understanding about the troubles in the dormitory room. It a bit hard to keep clean and fresh air in the room where different kind of poeple stay without guests cooperation. We are happy you liked our living room. Our guests make friends and relax in our living room. Thank you for your honest comment and hope to see you again. Khaosan Staff

Equator Hostel

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Friendly hostl centrally located to the Bukit shopping district. Wi Fi is expensive