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Location: Brazil, Gender: Female, Age: 34

HI Rio Rockers

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I've found that hostel really dirty, the bathrooms are not enough for all guests and were broken, the hot shower doesnt work, they have nothing for to do on raining season. The lockers are not enough too, so the bags must to stay on the floor.

Ananas Phuket Hostels

Phuket Town, Thailand

The hostel is clean, but nothing so special, is that the problem is somewhere very far away from everything, away from the beaches, there's nothing to do, not like a hostel, it's a hotel with bedrooms and if you want to make any thing, you have to pay for expensive packages tours or take bus to go far.

Dozy House

Chiang Mai, Thailand

An especial thanks for Gina! She is really friendly!!

Lub d Bangkok Siam Square

Bangkok, Thailand

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Che Lagarto hostel Buzios

Buzios, Brazil

I didnt like the mixed room, it is in front of the swiming pool and, cause the parties, that is really noisy. Actually the rooms door was broke and there are only two lokers for 5 beds, the both was broke too.

Colinas Residencia

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Viva Bahia

Salvador, Brazil

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O hostel eh bom, a recepcionista Carmen eh especialmente atenciosa e merece parabéns. Porem, o preço eh extremamente caro para um hostel em que temos de dividir o quarto com outras pessoas, sem um armário se quer para guardar as malas, que ficam espalhadas pelo chão.

Che Lagarto Hostel Trindade

Trindade, Brazil

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Pousada Bonaparte

Maceio, Brazil

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Jam Hostel Kyoto Gion

Kyoto, Japan

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Mt. Fuji Hostel Michael's

Mount Fuji, Japan

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Khaosan Tokyo Original

Tokyo, Japan

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There are a lot of parties, so people get drink to much, the doors have not keys and some dronky guy (of other hostel) entranced in the female room and slept on the floor... realy crazy.

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Hostles do not have keys in dorms as you share dorms with people who you do not know. If a guest locks the door they may feel that everything they posess in the dorm is secure when in fact other members of the dorm,their friends and aquaintances may have complete access. We considder security extreemely important in our hostels and know from experience that the following strategy is more effective. We have two security doors and a security guard with intercom at the entrance. This insures there is no way for someone from outside to enter. For valuables we have a safety deposit box that can only be accessedby the hostel manager. We have lockers with power source in reception for safely charging electronic devices. Steel lockers are also available in each dorm for each guest. As regards the event described above, the guy who was asleap on the floor in the dorm was actually a guest of the hostel. He returned drunk and confused to the hostel that particular night from a night out and entered the wrong dorm. He was in the dorm no longer than 10 minutes before he was removed by the management. We sincerely regret what happened but can assure you that behaviour of this type is not tolerated in this hostel.

Hostel Meyerbeer Beach

Nice, France

Luis es muy especial y atencioso con todos, sabe hablar muchas lenguas y es muy amistoso. Una persona que hace toda la diferencia.

Green 16 Hostel

Cancun, Mexico

quiero agradecer especialmente a Luis por su cordialidad y atención! Gracias!

Hostel Cathedral

Mexico City, Mexico

me gustaria registrar un especial agradecimiento a Blanca y al chico Jorge de las luchas libres!