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Bahaus Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

this is one of the most amazing hostels I have ever been in!! Not only is it located in the center of more important tourist places, it has a magnificent view, great breakfast, it's very clean, and the staff (Tony, Tugi. Bahre and the cleanning staff) are helpful and make you feel real welcomed. If you are going to visit/ visiting Istanbul, you must stay in Bahaus Guesthouse!!!

Hostel Lublin

Lublin, Poland

this place was horrible. freezing bathrooms and shower also they were outside of the hostel and there was one of each, no staff spoke english and they didnĀ“t make you feel welcome, 1 half of the kitchen next to the bathroom and the other half in the hostel; no receptionist desk, so you didnt know who was the receptionist or if they got your booking info because they didnt have a computer to check. I didnt not feel safe, my polish friends told me not to go out at night. i dont recommend.