Reviews: nickathomson1218


The private room was an unattached cottage w/kitchen, towels, linens, a donated library of books, and even some tea and toiletries. Really cute. REALLY inexpensive, and absolutely cute. I couldn't recommend it enough. Also Joe is a pretty funny guy. Do stay here.

La Maison du Patriote

Montreal, Canada

Staff did not give warning about plumbing work in progress -- spent a day without water (toilets, sinks, showers), were directed to various restaurants on block to use washrooms. Was woken up at 7AM by loud hammering as a result of this work. Discount was neither offered nor provided. Unprofessional and irresponsible.

The Ritz for Backpackers

Melbourne, Australia

Don't expect to get any sleep, but if it's partying you're after, you'll find it.

Sakura Hostel Asakusa

Tokyo, Japan

Location just to the side of Senso-ji, near a chill bar and tiny karaoke joint upstairs from said bar. Beer vending machines in lobby, great photos in central stairwell of Bright Young Things at Design Festa party (the two have some kind of arrangement), all in all a good time.


The only place in Japan that hasn't made me take my shoes off inside. Not the cheapest (technically), but the wifi works well, they've got a kitchen, lockers, etc. The big dorm avoids the smell problem that can happen in these situations.


Right near the station, I could even find it drunk. Staff all spoke great English (a plus for me), and everyone staying there was just beautiful and hep and nice.


Although the dormitory room smelled like something rotting, the nightly dinners were great. Convenient, right by the Kagoshima-chuo station.

Okinawa Sora House

Okinawa, Japan

Great place! I especially liked the group dinners. Everyone was very helpful w/any and all questions, e.g. where was the best place to get champloo, what should I do about getting a ferry, etc. They also have a big jazz CD collection, and beer in the fridge for cheap.