Reviews: laurenamster4553

Backpackers San Pedro

San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

Great staff, location is fine. Not very comfortable for hanging out. The furniture needs to be replaced and the showers could be better. Pretty clean though.

Rio Nature Comfort

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I found the staff and guests very friendly. There was a lovely pool and back area to eat and socialize in. However, the location was pretty far from everything. Also, there was no air conditioning, which they absolutely should have, or more fans, something. I mean, Rio is a furnace during the summer, and that many people in one room leads to heatstroke or dehydration. And most importantly, there were bed bugs, so not too clean. I didn't hate my stay, but I would not stay here again.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Right on the main street next to the station. Wonderful people own the hostel, you can hang out and smoke with them. All the other occupants are nice and friendly. Amsterdam truly is the best city in the world.

St Christopher's at The Winston

Amsterdam, Netherlands

They made us move rooms each night which was annoying, but I had such a great time I did not really mind.