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Kiev Central Station

Kiev, Ukraine

Great place!!! Cool staff, clean, safe and one the most important thing, listen to the owner, he knows the town and the country, he can help you better than you imagine. He can read people quite good, so he will tell you ncie places to go. Another great thing about the hostel, they do know how to choose the people that stay there, you will not meet assholes, or sextourists there. I will be back.

Hostel Franz Ferdinand

Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina

The hostel is fantastic, it is unique ... I do travel a lot and it became one of my favorite hosatel ever, has the high quality as the best hostel in Berlin, but with a cosy and friendly atmosphere... and it gaves you are change to experince Sarajevo in a way that you can not experience in other place... it was not just a great place to stay, but is change me and teach me so much about history and Sarajevo... and the staff, oh God, you can not ask for better one. I will be back for sure

Madness Hostel

Belgrade, Serbia

Serde it is the man, he is the hostel, he is the madness , he is great! Andf the place was cool too. I will be back

Clown and Bard

Prague, Czech Republic

A place with soul!!! I highly recommend this hostel ! It is so nice to find a place where the people that work are friendly, not in a superficial way, I came as a guest and I left as a friend! They told me where to go, what to see, but it was hard to leave the hostel and I ended up stay longer and I will go back one day! The hostel it is safe and clean... and it is a hostel as a hostel should be, a place from travellers to travellers!

Citadel Youth Hostel

Jerusalem, Israel

DONT GO THERE,we got the double roon,and we could not sleep because the noise,there is another W.C wall to wall,so you will listen every person that goes to the W.C.and I mean REALLY listen.The place was dirty,and the room horrible,you can get a much bhetetr place for the same price!DO NOT STAY THERE!!!!!

Penguin Village

Dahab, Egypt

I have a great time there,the place was really clean,the people really friendly,special Tayab in the reception,he helped me always with a big smile... The food was really good,nice view from the terrace,and they have great deal for trips and bus....I will come back for sure,I really recommend it!

Horus Hotel Aswan

Aswan, Egypt

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Just the Best place,clean,funny,safe,and the best Staff,special Amr,he helped me to find everything,from trips,to relax,and when I did booked the boat trip from aswan,the people ripped me off in 500 pounds,and he called and ask and get the money back to me! For me my favor hostel in egypt by far!!!I really recomend!!!!

Dahab Hostel

Cairo, Egypt

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Pousadas Hilda-Lina

Salvador, Brazil

The place dont have hot water,is dirty,the people that work there is not polite,and you will not get a nice sleep there.The worste place I stay in 3 mon ths vacation! O lugar eh sujo,nao tem agua quente e o pessoal que trabalha la eh miuto grosso,nao recomendo de forma alguma!