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Jaya Hostel & Guesthouse

Koh Phangan, Thailand

By far the worst hostel during my 4 weeks in Thai (tried 6 hostels). Also the most expensive which i understand due to the full moon party but that should be compensated with better conditions. I was in a 4 bed tiny dorm and only after the 4th night the room and toilet were cleaned. The lockers are in an office that closes after 12pm. Although the hostel it's not located that close to the beach and party, it's very hard to rest as there's loud music almost all day.

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Hi Joao, Did you make compare about the price before make a reservation ? If you think price here expensive why you not make a reservation with cheaper hostel ? But every month I make compare my room price with other hostel near by, I'm sure my room price is not expensive that's why you make a reservation with us. And you said our location not close to party beach, you know more close more loud music !!! One thing you have to understand FULL MOON PARTY period have loud music everywhere :)

Stones Bar Dorm Rooms and Restaurant

Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

Bedroom conditions were really nice except there are no big lockers, just a small one for values. Really close to the beach which means loud music till late. Anyway during my stay it stopped around 1-2 am which is fair.

Barmy Badger Backpackers

London, England

The best hostel experience i had in London. Considering London prices and what they provide (free wi-fi, towel, breakfast) i can definitely recommend it. Staff is very very kind and helpfull. Only one detail that it gets really hard to arrive (like i did) at 2am and quitely set-up linen in the top bed in a room with people sleeping.

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Thank you for your review and for choosing to stay at the Badger. We are pleased that you had the best hostel experience in London and you liked our freebies! In future, for late arrivals we will make up the beds! Safe onward travels from the Badger Team.

Hello Marseille Hostel

Marseille, France

Nice place to stay. A very friendly atmosphere. Staff is very helpfull. Good big lockers under the bunk beds. The only thing not so good is the only toilet. The place is not that big but still it's not easy to find it free and most of all to keep it always clean. Although the showers (in another division) were quite nice. I would go back there.

Keystone House Kings Cross

London, England

1 of my worst hostel experiences. Bedroom on the 4th floor(no lifts of course). 1 toilet on the 3rd floor and the big ones on the 1st. No towels to rent, only to buy for 4£. Noisy and bright room. The lockers r so slim u can't fit your bags in it, just jacket, shoes and docs. So, in a full room there's bags all around the floor. My padlock didn't fit in it, so they can "kindly" provide 1 for 5£. If you want wi-fi access or their computers, minimum fee is 5£ for a 24h period. No atmosphere.


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Hotel Balear

Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Preety much decent 3-star hotel. Clean and very helpfull staff.

Hostal Alcaravaneras

Gran Canaria, Spain

Be Aware that this is not a hostel.It's a hostal which is a bit different.No living room, except a roof with 2 plastic chairs. And my poor rating about cleanliness is because they don't have enough bathrooms. They're usually ocuppied and when you shower the floor gets totally wet. Besides one of the bathrooms was not working, another from the upper floors was droping water into the 1st floor. Don't care that much about TV but nothing's working except a horoscope channel. Not to repeat!

Birmingham Central Backpackers

Birmingham, England

Amazing living room, very cosy and some nice theme nights. Friendly and kind staff (though some could be a bit more cheerfull). No doubts i would go back. The only thing i suggest to be checked is some of the beds. Mine was way too noisy. I woke up when moving. And the lockers have a communication hole between eachother. But once again, very positive rating.

Anker Hostel

Oslo, Norway

Nice place but definitely not a hostel atmosphere. Expensive for a hostel.


Another hostel look like place. Not a real hostel. It's just enough. No lockers was bad.

Ivanhoe Hostel

Rome, Italy

If you're looking for party this is the ultimate hostel experience. It's not perfect in some details, but the staff knows how to make you feel home. Definitely an experience to repeat.

Living Mad Hostel

Madrid, Spain

If you look for enough it's good. There was a group of irish young fellows who were a bit over the limit but the staff was completely unable to deal with them. They run a hostel, not a hotel. In my room, warm water takes ages. There's probably better alternatives.

City Backpackers Hostel

Stockholm, Sweden

A nice hostel. Friendly staff. Could be a bit more carefull about the cleaning.

Budget Backpackers

Edinburgh, Scotland

Great!! I'm not the most experienced traveller but this was by far the best hostel i've been to. Great staff, clean, nice kitchens, the only thing could be a bit wormer. But in general i definitely recommend.

Euro Hostel Glasgow

Glasgow, Scotland

If you just want to spend the night it's ok. It has a quite professional look but really cold (i definitely wanted a hostel not a hotel). The breakfast was good but the staff was not cool at all. Although in the info they are said to hire towels, they just sell. For £ 3.5. And the point is, I'm a backpacker, i want to carry the less i can. Besides, drying myself with a new towel gets a bit... hairy!!

Abigails Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

A very nice hostel. Closy and familiar.