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Brasov, Romania

Cheapest hostel in Brasov, recently renovated. Quiet, clean place, great place to spend the night and explore the surrounding places near Brasov, like bran castle, Prejmer, Sinaia, Busteni etc. Also very close to the city centre, with a non-stop store beside the hostel. enjoy

Old Guesthouse

Tbilisi, Georgia

I stayed there twice and was satisfied. It's a family-run hostel, very cheap,good location, close to main square,old town,metro station.The owners are very nice.The shower is a bit small, so is the kitchen, but the dorm is nice and overall i recommend it. When you get to Dadiani street 30 there are 2 white doors.Facing the doors open the right one,it's never locked,go up the stairs and then and the end of the hall you'll see the hostel.”

Suna Hotel

Ankara, Turkey

well, the only positive thing about this hotel is it's location and that you can get a single room pretty cheap.the metro station is one street away, about 5 mins and the citadel is about 10 mins away. but the staff don't speak a word of english, the rooms are very small, the shower didn't work, it squirted water everywhere from the wall, i couldn't lock my room when i went out. so just be prepared, but if you just want to sleep it's ok i guess.

Route 39

Istanbul, Turkey

good hostel, recommend it.. the proximity of the hostel to taksim square makes it reachable from the bus station or virtually anywhere in the city by tram,metro,furnicular. as you follow the directions noted on the site, when you do find domino's pizza, just go up to it's entrance and right next to it there's a door with Route 39 written on it. if you're not paying attention you could miss it. Loved the cats,they should have more!!

Nightingale Hostel

Sofia, Bulgaria

It's a good place, close to the metro,tram, to the the city centre, the staff is helpful. you can ask for breakfast, very cheap, they make something specific and interesting. the problem is finding it, cause it's located on the little square in an inner courtyard without any signs or directions on the street, so you'll have to ask around or as you stand facing the square with the tram lines behind you, it's a courtyard on the right hand side at the beginning of the square.

Art-Hostel Riverside

Skopje, Macedonia

it's a good place, the staff speaks very good english, are helpful, it has a great atmosphere.the location is a bit tricky, but it resembles a nice little shanty town, i loved it. as you exit the bus,train station at the main entrance facing the boulevard,go right until the crossroads and then left.but there's the main road, and also another parallel small road between small shanty houses,that's the easiest way.then just check the street names and you'll find it is also 10 mins

Shanti Hostel Bitola

Bitola, Macedonia

loved it, not overcrowded, peaceful, the guy who was there was very helpful,the shower is big, clean, so is the hostel itself, great big kitchen.the only negative thing is the small room in which 4 people have to sleep. the location is not very well explained.from the clock tower,not facing the angel statue,the other side, go on the street which has the tourist info and then the first left,a curvy corner and the hostel will be on the right hand side, a new building, can't m miss it.enjoy

Art-Hostel Riverside

Skopje, Macedonia

This is a cool hostel, located in an interesting little area.It's close to the centre, to the Mall, the staff is friendly, there's a nice common room, little yard, good atmosphere, the rooms are good, so I really recommend this hostel. Stayed there 2 nights and enjoyed it.I really loved the shanty little streets that surround the hostel.

Downtown Belgrade Hostel

Belgrade, Serbia

The location is great,being right across the train and bus stations and also just a short walk from the city core.The staff is also very friendly,speak good english and they will help you if you're looking for something in the city or timetables etc. Other than these things, I can't really say much positive about the place. It's an apartment, so the place is small and feels very overcrowded even when it's not full.

Krakow Backpackers Hostel

Krakow, Poland

It's actually hard to find, it's in a inner courtyard, overlooking a restaurant, but there's no sign on the street, I actually had to phone them to ask for directions, as I was standing right outside of the hostel.Other than that it;s a typical hostel, cheap. lying right next to the main square.

Abraham Hostel Jerusalem

Jerusalem, Israel

No customer comment

Mansour Hotel

Amman, Jordan

The location is really good, close to the roman theatre and the citadel,hussein and abdullah mosques, but serously lacks security and most of all cleanliness. But honestly, for these cheap prices you can't expect more. One bathroom didn't have lights, the other toilet couldn't be flushed, the noise can be heard in the rooms, so you can't sleep after 8 AM. but it's not disaster, it's ok if your a budget traveller,looking for a bed and a welcoming staff.


Really nice guesthouse, would reccomend it to anyone. The staff speaks very good english, the location is really good,a 5 minute walk from the church through the market. Great atmosphere with great music,beer, food, whatever. The only problem could be that the music is quite loud at night and some of the doors can't be closed properly.

Mandarin Hostel Budapest

Budapest, Hungary

This was one of the best hostels I've ever stayed in. Near metro station, clean, helpful staff and the price is very good.

Patio Hostel

Bratislava, Slovakia

It was ok, maybe a bit preicey compared to other hostels with better facilities, but anyway close to the city centre, staff spoke english well. The only trouble is the very small kitchen and the tables

Belford Hostel

Edinburgh, Scotland

It's an interresting hostel, being a church. it's quite easy to find, good location. you have very little space in the rooms, and it feels like an office space and it can get quite cold because of the stone walls of the church and the fact that the rooms are only separate by thin walls without a ceiling so you can practically hear what everybody else is talkin' or doin' in the hostel. Oh and you have to pay for the internet and if you want to leave your bags after you checked out

Sokolska Youth Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

I stayed at the hostel this year in january in a mixed room with 12 twelve people. I can say that the location is very good, easy to find and the staff speaks a very good english and are friendly. When ever I will be in Prague and I need a place to stay i will surely look up this place.