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Copenhagen Downtown Hostel

Copenhagen, Denmark

everything is good. I like this hostel very much.

City Backpackers Hostel

Stockholm, Sweden

Well it is a good hostel. But some of the rooms are under ground. So if you do not mind this, you can choose this hostel. Anyway I like it.

Academica Summer Hostel

Helsinki, Finland

Well, It is a little difficult to find the hostel. I arrived at 7:10 the central station and it nearly costed me 40 minutes to reach. In reality, it is not so far from the central station. I think maybe it is because I used my map in the wrong way. Well, everthing is Ok. I suggest that if you are the first time to go to Helsinki, you'd better ask someone to help. Don't be shy.

Hotel Gamla Stan

Stockholm, Sweden

Well, I am not very happy about my experience. When I arrived, they told for a error of their system, I could not live in the room for one person which I booked 20 dyas ago. And I needed to live in a room for six person. So I am a little angry. I think they have enough time to find the problema and tell me about it. I have travled in many countries and live in a lot of hostels, but it is my first time to meet this kind of things.

Perminalen Hotel

Oslo, Norway

Everything is excellent. I like it very much. I will come back. The staff is very kind person.

Kville Hotel

Gothenburg, Sweden

I like this hotel very much. The little problema is it is a little dificult to find. So I suggest that if you can speak english, just ask help to the local people. Don't be shy as me. And everyting is excellent.

Home Lisbon Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

A good place to pass your night in Lisbon. I like it


Well, nearly everything is OK.But in the room there is no heater. For me it is realy bad,because at night it is very cold in SEVILLE.I don't know how about in other rooms. I live in a 6 people room and our room faces to the plaza. So at night it is quite cold.Nearly I can't sleep.