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USA Hostels Ocean Beach

San Diego, USA

staff were helpful but the guy doing the limo tour to Hollywood was way too stressed for a party night

Samesun Venice Beach

Los Angeles, USA

Given bad directions to the hostel as instructed on this site. Waited at the bus stop for 45 minutes before asking a bus driver if the bus was still running. Took a taxi (30 dollars) as the bus had stopped and received an apathetic apology. Other staff were very helpful.

Sihome Backpackers Hostel

Vientiane, Laos

I actually got taken to the Gardens hostel which though new is already a good hostel, but looks as though it is going to develop into something great. Good staff who recognise the pitfalls of the city but have good advice to make the most of your stay. Relaxed atmosphere and although the facilities are still lacking somewhat, there is the intention to improve them soon and I've definitely stayed in hostels that were worse and had no intention to improve them. Would definitely recommend.

Backpackers House

Nha Trang, Vietnam

Positives: Big Lockers, cheap, big beds, balcony, staff are helpful, location is central (can also be a negative for more secure people) Negatives: Other guests were inconsiderate to each other, I booked an 10 bed dorm and the 6 bed room was the 'living room' for two smaller dorms 4 bed dorms, who had to walk through our room. A very bad map making of what little there is to do harder to find. Overall good if you just want to go to the beach and don't have time to get to Muine/Mui ne

Red Carabao Community

Manila, Philippines

During my stay it was more like relaxing at a friends house than being at a hostel. Intimate and a really good place to meet people and feel the atmosphere of a city. If they could get a map of the city sorted with some ideas for what to do then it would be perfect. Glad to have stayed here and experience such an atmosphere again. Thank you.

Most Hostel

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Most/H20 is a good place to get your head down but don't expect too much else. The staff, obviously locals,kind and helpful and know the city well. The rooms are clean and safe (your own locker as standard) but there policy on late arrivals (which I wont write here) looks a touch worrying safety wise. If you are a traveler who is keen on getting the most out of your money and not too concerned about having great facilities this is a great place to go.

Hostel Temza

Zagreb, Croatia

The first staff member I met, let me in, took the money, gave me a key to my locker and pointed at my room. I would say that was the least he was obliged to do but he failed to give me a key to the front door, so had I not turned up just before the last receptionist left half an hour early I would have been locked out all night.. The morning staff didn't ask about this key. With a small common room in front of a bed room--so no conversation possible--this is purely somewhere to sleep.

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Dear, you couldnt be locked because receptionist is in apartment below hostel and we share same ring bell . Keys are aimed for guests who stay more nights. If you were not clear with the situation you can always ask

Green Studio Hostel

Belgrade, Serbia

Great staff who seemed to enjoy working there and didn't have to adjust their personalities to fit into 'work'; helpful even in the face of obscure questions and prepared to interact. The hostel itself is quite small and on the 5th floor, there is a lift which works (ignore the signs) but if you're not prepared to walk up the stairs give up on traveling. This hostel has the right attitude for people wanting to enjoy Beograd as much as possible. I was the first one in my comfortable bed at 3!

Most Hostel

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Stayed for one night at last minute but (at half the price) proved to be a better value hostel than Celica. Having made the booking at Celica who gave me no help on finding another hostel (a basic courtesy among the traveling community) and charged for internet for a hostel 5 minutes away. 'Most'/ 'H20' is a hostel aimed at travelers aiming to explore LJ via activities and adventure days. The mattress wasn't great, but the facilities (in room kitchen & en suite) were. Staying again next week.

Accommodation Nokturno

Zagreb, Croatia

The woman on reception was chilled the whole stay, Only a few people in the hostel and so our 8 bed dorm became our own room and I think other people had the same during their stay too. Truly located in the heart of the city and seemingly within 10-15 minutes walk of everything. Though the atmosphere was diminished through a lack of people I can't imagine it being able to cater capably to being full and comfortable but for our stay the facilities were clean and worked well.

Camping Rialto

Venice, Italy

Worth way more than what we paid for. If you plan to stay in October/November bring an extra layer but that is the only downside of staying at Rialto. Public transport is frequent and very convenient, it was quiet all night with considerate quests, facilities are better than expected for camping, very hot water and clean. Only thing I would ask is they make clear exactly what it is they offer you without having to go up and ask.

Hostel Colours

Milan, Italy

Only stayed here for a night but really appreciated how calm and helpful the night guy (03/10) was, showing me to my room and explaining areas of the hostel to me, as well as helping me with the lockers. It would be great if they had a bit more information about Milan and it was a bit annoying (more so for the people in my room) having to make the bed at 2 in the morning as I arrived late.


Awesome hostel. Great staff who were so so helpful. A beautiful place to stay with a good atmosphere and plenty of places to sit and chill as well as a sweet bar.


This hostel really needs to replace the squeaky beds. It is intolerable