Reviews: PedroPablo

Location: Chile, Gender: Male, Age: 30

Enjoy Hostels

Lima, Peru

The place is conveniently located and the staff is super nice. Besides that, the place is poorly equiped, with absolutely non confortable beds. Common areas are badly lighted and I didn't see much of a hostel asmosphere.

Ipanema Beach House

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This is a very hostel, loads of people from everywhere, a very nice house, nice common areas, super close to the beach. The area is a little posh and expensive compared to the center Rio which is far, but good if you like the beach. I would invest more money on the wifi.

Cozee Monkey Backpackers Manila

Manila, Philippines

Hostel is a word that the dictionary should explain using Cozee Monkey as an example. A group of young fun people decide to set up a hostel were you can feel nothing but welcomed. Amazing place, and the house its beautiful. Besides the location couldn't be better: the philippines is a lot more than Manila, so come stay to this place and make your experience an excellent one as I had it. Enjoy the rooftop and get deep into a conversation with Geno and the guys.

Hanoi Old Town Hotel

Hanoi, Vietnam

First let me say this is more a cheap hotel than a hostel. Made that clear, it is a very good place, in a good location, with a very helpful and kind staff, nice breakfast. Definetely a bargain for the money they ask. I'd recomend you stay here, unless you are looking for "hostel atmosphere".

Comfort Hostel HK

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

I was very afraid because of the reviews I had read of HK hostels, but actually I found this one to be very good. The location could not be better, I stayed in a private room with its own toilett that had no probs with hot water or whatever, the staff are not nice, but helpfull (HKners in general are not nice either), everything is tiny, but..its HK! The only bad thing was a hostel blackout last night, but..that can happen everywhere. I'd advice you to stay here.

La Posada de Huertas

Madrid, Spain

I didn't like the hostel, I think the staff is mostly rude and don't help users, but make you feel bad for asking. It's a huge hostel where the most important thing is money(as I was told when i was forced to wake up early and check out) with very poor common facilities(more a hotel lobby than a hostel), poor wifi(only in common areas) bad heating system and not a lot of hot water(be thanked if you get it in morning). I definetely wouldn't come back to this one in Madrid.

Owner Comment (Hide)
Daer Before at all apologise for this bad impresion taht you ve got from us. But let me clearify something: huge hostel, we are concidering a medium hostel. Then, the most important thing for us is the customers , money have is importance too, if we will not anymore longer can you tell that money is the most important thing paying 18 euros for new years ? with free paella? with free beer game.... What was wrong with the heating? and the water? we do have 150% capicity hoter.

Palio (Haad Rin) Hostel

Koh Phangan, Thailand

Hostels are in the beach, and considering that this is not that bad, still super expensive for the poor service. Take care about your staff, they offer safety box to put your values, and in the other hostel of the same brand they were all stolen, including passports! even though they recommended to put it then, and they didnt even return the money of stay! also if you l;ike thai boxing this is a good place, but if not prepare to not be able to sleep until thai boxing tournaments are ended

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I am sorry you felt the service was poor, we here at Palio try to accommodate as best as we can. We have never had an incident like this and will ensure there will not be a repeat. With regards to the boxing, in Haadrin customers who book in a hostel are generally people who come to party with a few exceptions, therefore we feel that finishing the fight night at 12 is an appropriate time, with most customers continuing their night out after the event.

Silom Art Hostel

Bangkok, Thailand

Very good hostel. More expensive than thouse located in Kao San Rd, but these location worths the try. Still, for the price should at least include breakfast, and is really a pain in the ass they use the hostpot wifi system, so you have to ask for a nw password everyday, and you can get online only one device. The toilets are not really private as well.


Hey this Hostel is very good, well located, and the breakfast is amazing. Specially recomended if you want party. The staff is not that good(it was imposible to me to get a towel in the night, not english speaking or no help from the voluntaries, though the day staff are really helpfull. Maybe a little expensive compared to other alternatives in the same street, but still highly recomended. DOnt take their tour though, they are twice the price of other companies.

Deejai Backpacker

Chiang Mai, Thailand

I really liked this hostel, best I ve stayed in Asia so far. Its really cheap and the toilets are very good. Maybe a bit far from the main party tourist areas, but still walkable. Id advice you to stay here. And Id advice the hostel to change some tables for some couchs, to make it more "living room" than dinning room.

Shiva Guest House Varanasi

Varanasi, India

I Really liked Shiva Guest House, the best hostel I stayed in India. Even though the bed i pre booked was overbooked, they gave me a better one for the same price. Staff are nice and the location is perfect. Maybe if they would put some money on the toilets it would be perfect. Still I advice you to stay here, and to take the sunrise boat tour.

Ocean Hostel

Jaipur, India

This is been for far my worst experience in hostel world. The train station is far enough from the main touristic areas, but this hostel is in the other side of the city! Not 3 km, but 6, in an area where you ll be the only foreigner. When I got there(which was almost imposible) I was the ONLY guest(and they talked about party room..haha). I can't believe hostelworld sponsord such a bad experience.

Slumber Bed & Breakfast

New Delhi, India

I think this very small guest house is nice, and Lavy, the owner, is super helpful. The problem is that it's far from the main touristic spots(it's in the very south of the city), and it's a little expensive, compared to indian average, considerating that you get extra charged even for toilet paper. I would also recomend you not to stay here if you have problems with tabacco, since it's allowed to smoke inside.

HomePlus Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

I liked the hostel, the staff was super nice. What I didnt like is thst its a bit far away from the main areas for night life(like the jewish quarter), the bathrooms and the fact that its too nosy during the night. You shouldnt put music after midnight. Cheers!


I think this guys nails it, they now what a good hostel needs(a good atmosphere in a good environment), and they do have the good staff to make it happen. The free narguila and free shots every night helps a lot If you come to Tel Aviv this is definitely the place to stay.

Fauzi Azar Inn

Nazareth, Israel

The hostel is very unique and beautiful, in an old beautiful house, with a good coffee service and a breakfast above average. I just thought It was a little expensive (no lockers included, no private lamp, you have to pay tu use the computer), specially compared to other hostels in Israel, but still it's a very cozy and nice place. Anyway, you should know it's not a party hostel at all.

Hostel Overstay TLV

Tel Aviv, Israel

Overstay is a hostel with grest potential, but still far from reaching it. Still have a lot of details, like not having curtains in some dorms(forget about resting between midday and 6 pm. I mean, we are talking about curtains, not AC). Even once they served breakfast in a table full of asshes and cigarrettes butts. Demanding deposit for a towel?? Never seen before. Not god location and more expensive prices than other hostels(it wasnt the only one in TLV I tried, and for sure not the best). Some of the staff are nice though.

Owner Comment (Hide)
Not true : We always keep our beds the cheapest on the price list. We dont serve breakfast on a table, you chose to sit eat yours at one with an ashtray . Deposit for a towel is common as people nick them for the rest of their israel tour. but you are right about one thing and the curtains thing have been taken care of.

Corinne Hostel

Eilat, Israel

It's a cheap location in Eilat, but nothing else. The wifi didn't work for my dispositives, and the staff did nothing to help me. There was no atmosphere, and went we came back home and planned to use the common areas, they just closed them off and sent us to bed.

House Of Peace

Bethlehem, Israel

Ok, making this review is hard for me because the old couple owning the hostel are not bad people, but you shouldn't be in this business. Everything went from bad to worst. First, you can't approach people with religious questions like "do you love jesus", it's rude. Then, you can't check on the guests friends! Like you did with my friend putting her staff into her bag. You can't lecture the guests(just tell'em to turn the lights off), you can't bring your own friends to make noise. It's a hoste

Hostel In Ramallah

Ramallah, Palestine

The hostel is very good, well located, and the staff is super nice and helpful. I would specially recommend you to stay here if you are into know more about the palestine-israel conflict. Anyway, if I could change something would make it smoking-free and would definitely change the music you play during the day...hard rock would never make a hostel cozy!

Abraham Hostel Jerusalem

Jerusalem, Israel

I usually dont like big hostels, but this was an exception, though its big its good enough. Anyway too many people means you can have problems with the wifi for example. The breakfast is really good. The location is average(too far from the old town). The staff is sometimes friendly, but other times super not friendly(i guess they have too much work). What I didnt like is the travel desk, they seem to be there just to use their phones. If you ask for tours, all they do is pass you a file.


I repeat all I just sayd.

Levanten Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

It is a very good hostel in the center of Taksim, the best area to stay if youre coming for more than 2 nights to the city. The hostel is good and cheap, and the staff is super friendly(Specially Diran). I just didnt like the bathrooms, they are only one each floor, and somedays was really hard to get hot water.

Antique Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Thoughthe toilets are ok, the wifi is execellent, and the roof terrace really have an amazing view, I didnt like the hostel, and I dont recomend it to backpackers, specially if you are a solo traveller. The staff is not nice, kind of taugh i would say, and there's is no asmosphere at all. For example, they have a bar, but its super expensive, a coke is 4 lira! Thats insane, so off course the passengers prefere to go outsice, and thats why theres never people in the hostel...

Shanti Hostel 2

Skopje, Macedonia

The hostel is nice, and the staff I met(Amara?) super nice!


Tirana, Albania

The atmosphere and the staff are super nice. I recomend you to stay here.

Hostel Heart of Sarajevo

Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina

I think its a good hostel, and the girl of the night shift is amazingly cool, but the price its a bit toomuch for sarajevo and considerating that in the same building you have a much better hostel for the same price... Perhaps if it would include breakfast it would be better

Madness Hostel

Belgrade, Serbia

This is a very well located hostel with a very helpfull staff. I forgot my camera and had already left when i remembered, called them, and it wasn't in my room(somebody had put it at the entrance). They cared a lot and looked for it until they found it, and then made me an international call to tellme about it(they could have just send an email, so I super appreciate it). Thank you a lot!!!

Thessaloniki Studios Arabas

Thessaloniki, Greece

The hostel is average good. The staff is super nice and helpfull.

Paraga Beach Hostel

Mykonos, Greece

Its cheap for being Mykonos, but is far away from the town(where the best party happens). You'll have to pay taxis to come back. There's a pool bar in the hostel, but the prices are expensive. The food in both the minimarket and the restaurant are bad and expensive. The good thing is that it's just on the beach.

Palmers Lodge Zagreb

Zagreb, Croatia

I really liked this hostel, it's very well located and very cozy, the facilities are modern an good, and it's not expensive. If they service breakfast it would be perfect. The staff is nice, specially one of the girls, Sara I think, that is super nice.

Hostel of the Sun

Naples, Italy

Y esta es la review de mi compañera: Espera Todo de maravilla! Lo que uno más necesita cuando viaja es sentirse bienvenido en el lugar que llega y este Hostel cumple a la perfección con ello y no sólo cumplen con su tarea sino que en verdad están preocupados todo el tiempo por lo que buscas, por lo que quieres o por lo que quisieras hacer. Ni siquiera tienes que preguntar que ellos ya estarán preguntándote si necesitas algo. EL PERSONAL SE MERECE LA GRAN PARTE DE ESTE COMENTARIO PORQUE SON LOS Q

Hostel Santa Monaca

Florence, Italy

The hostel is very well located, and it's good for the money, but you should know that it is a huge hostel, with queue for te kitchen facilities and the baths. These are not really good, far from most of the rooms and with no privacy. I think it's better for really young travellers.

Hostel of the Sun

Naples, Italy

What can I say that I already havent? I like this hostel so much that I actually came back, and thats why I'm reviewing it again. It's a well located hostel with good facilities and an amazing breakfast, but what makes it better than any other is the awesome staff that make you feel home all the time. Thumbs up for Carla, Irene, Gabi, Harriot, Valerio, Lucca, Clara and the two nice cleaning ladies. Nos vemos pronto!!


Rome, Italy

Though I couldnt stay all the nights, and for that I was pretended to be overcharged for the first night, finally with the help of the very bice Sid in te reception I wasn't. The hostel is very nice, and though the location is not the best, it's connected by metro to the rest of the city, and it's pretty fine for the price. So I'd recomend you to stay here.

Owner Comment (Hide)
overcharged, there is city tax which is 2 euros a day extra

CCLy Hostel

Catania, Italy

I had a good experience overall, but i'd like to add some advices. When you arrive to Catania you usually do it after hours of train and tired, so a welcome like "hey, how are u, welcome to Catania" would be better than the cold "your passport, how are you paying" attitude. I'm not dure the ownet enjoys having a hostel..still the "volunteer" staff Ben and Georg are super friendly and helpfull, and the failities are good(despite the lack of privacy in the toilets).

Hostel of the Sun

Naples, Italy

I planned to stay at this hostel for a couple of days, but actually stayed longer, and I think I'm coming back. I wish you could read my other reviews so you see I usually give bad reviews, and could appreciate this one. I give a 100% not because of the facilities, which are actually good, but because of the great staff they have. Literally, the friendliest and helpful I've met so far. And I actually know a few. Say hi to Jesy and Gabi from me, and a big hug to everybody, hope to see you soon!!

Hostel Pisa

Pisa, Italy

I think the hostel is good if you just want to stay one night to take the airplane or something like that. If you want to stay longer, though the location is good, very close to the train station so you can plan day trips to all the Tuscany, the atmosphere is not the best because the hostel-s got a cheap attitude, extra charging you for EVERYTHING, I mean even for sheets!, and they don-t care about the service, very bad wifi, low equiped kitchen, etc...

La Pescheria Backpackers

Venice, Italy

This is a really bad hostel, with just a good location. But everything is horrible, disgustibg toilettes, ba kitchen, bef bugs, no ventilation, average breakfast, quite expensive or the poor service they are offering

Owner Comment (Hide)
The must disgusting Guest that we have had in13 years of activity!