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Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 29

As soon as I arrived, I was instantly welcomed and given AMAZING directions and a list of activities and events I could do locally in Keelung. The location seemed a little odd at first as it's in a quiet apartment complex, but I was given maps and amazing photo directions and bus schedules to everything and everything is easily accessible from the local area. The owners were so kind and so helpful and made me feel at ease and the hostel was lovely and peaceful and clean. Would go back again.

White Island BnB

Busan, South Korea

It was fine. Clean, easy to get to from the subway and close to Gwangan Beach. It's in a quiet area. I think this place is geared more towards Koreans and not non-Koreans as I was the only non. The staff was friendly, quiet, but pretty much it's a place to go in quietly, sleep quietly, and leave quietly. Not for meeting and interacting with other travelers or partying. It has a cafe and restaurant and a cute dog. Be warned, I booked the mixed room and they said that's for males only, not females


Sokcho, South Korea

It was a nice hostel. Friendly staff, close to the downtown and the bus stop, easy to find and get to. The owners are very kind and helpful and give you lots of information. The rooms were nice and clean and comfortable and there was a nice common room. The only down point is if you walk down from the hostel at night you're in the red light district so just avoid that.

Link Corner Hostel

Bangkok, Thailand

I was in Thailand for a week and stayed in five hostels, and this was the best one I stayed in. It's RIGHT OUTSIDE the subway stop and a twenty minute subway ride from the airport. EASIEST trip in the world there. The staff is FANTASTIC. They gave me TONS of advice for what to do, helped me book tickets and spa stays, answered all my questions, and were super sweet and helpful, and I got a private room that was super clean and relaxing. Loved my stay here, and would love to go again!

FUN-D Hostel Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai, Thailand

This hostel was lovely. The staff was very kind and helpful, they had a nice common room, incredibly soft and comfortable rooms, lockers (you need to bring your own padlock though), and very clean. The only tricky part is the directions. They're not super clear on the address, and it's not in an area that's easy to get to or see things from, but regardless, it was a great stay.

Spicythai Backpackers

Chiang Mai, Thailand

I liked this hostel. As soon as I walked in, the guy working the desk was really helpful, and gave me a lot of great tips, as did the Hotel Owner. It's a little hard to find/get to from the airport/bus station, but once you're there, it's close to a lot of really great sights, and it's in a lovely area. I will say, it's for a younger crowd, as it can get a little rowdy at night, but I enjoyed my stay here. Just make sure you have the address printed out in Thai and bring earplugs just in case.

IS@K Guest House

Seoul, South Korea

This is a nice hostel. It's VERY easy to find if you go to Hangangjin Station, the staff is INCREDIBLY nice, and it's pretty comfy and cozy. It's nice because you can have a night out in Itaewon and then just walk back to the hostel since it's close to all the bars and restaurants. GREAT Location.

Bong House

Seoul, South Korea

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Iris' Tower

Tainan, Taiwan

I really liked the hostel owners. Everyone was SUPER friendly and nice, the double private room was nice, it had a really chill environment, and they spoke English, Mandarin, and Japanese super well (so I got to practice! ^_^), and they have nice bathrooms, which is always a plus. It was a LITTLE tricky for me to find, so make sure you have good directions, but otherwise, I recommend this place.

Bong House

Seoul, South Korea

I have been going to Bong House for 4 years now and it remains my favorite hostel in Seoul. Mr. Bong is amazing and kind and helpful, the location is amazing as there's fantastic restaurants and cafe's nearby, it's close by some great sights in Seoul, and the hostel itself is lovely. Mr. Bong keeps expanding and making his rooms nicer and more comfy, and it's lovely to see how great it's becoming. Love it, will keep going back, highly recommend it!

Frankfurt Hostel

Frankfurt, Germany

This is a hostel for rowdy people I think. It's always a bit on the party side, and if that's your thing, it's great. It's kind of in a shady part of town, but it's still surprisingly safe to walk around in at night. You can always find someone cool to talk to, drink with, and just enjoy yourself. They have amazing FREE breakfasts, and it's close to a cool shopping area. I'd say if you're an introvert who likes peaceful sleep, maybe go elsewhere. Thanks for a fun time guys.


Dresden, Germany

I really liked this hostel. It's right outside the train station, and everything is in 10 minute walking distance with great food and shopping even closer. The staff was all super sweet and helpful, especially a great lady named Julia, and everything was super clean. It's also really pretty with a nice garden and the building interior is really neat and jungle themed and the beds are super soft and comfy. I definitely think it's a must-stay-at for Dresden. :)

Central Globetrotter Hostel

Leipzig, Germany

This is a nice hostel, it's easy to get to, it's near a very pretty, interesting part of the town, there's public transportation nearby, they give you helpful advice and maps, and there's a nice patio and cheap beer. There's a lovely girl on staff named Ilde who let me badger her for 30 minutes with questions and was nice and patient. The only complaint was a surprisingly rude lady who did my check out. Also, the showers, while separated by gender, are not partitioned, so that's kinda weird.

Bed´nBudget Hostel Hannover

Hannover, Germany

So this isn't really like a hostel, it's more like a big sterile hotel where you just so happen to be sharing a room with other people. It's very clean, so new you can smell the paint, there's lockers, comfy beds, and a nice TV, but it's not a hostel. There's not really a chance to meet the other people there and it's not located in an interesting part of town, and it kinda lacks a heart. You get a good 6 Euro breakfast though, and the staff is helpful. Not many other options in Hannover, so...


This was my last stop, and it was just what I wanted. It's outside the blah industrial areas of Shanghai, and is in a more residential area, so you can see how the REAL people live. It's also by some Mosque's so there's some DELICIOUS Muslim Chinese food to be had, as well as great cheap street food. The staff was super cool. I had a problem with my locker in my room and one of the staff members, Mr. Wang Jian, spent over an hour helping me get into my locker. They go the extra mile there. Fun!

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Wow, this hostel was so nice! It was like Chinese Venice with all these beautiful canals and boats outside it. It was SO PRETTY and the staff was SO NICE, FRIENDLY, an helpful. I really loved it. Plus there's great cheap street food carts outside it and it's close to some gorgeous gardens. It's a LITTLE tricky to find, so plan ahead as it's kind of in a hidden alleyway. :) It's an old traditional style building, and the beds have outlets and night lights next to your pillow. Super!

Zen Backpackers

Busan, South Korea

This hostel was fantastic. The owner, Jun, is so kind, and so friendly. As soon as I got to the hostel, he told me on the map where to go and answered all my questions. The hostel itself is clean, beautiful, has a fantastic view of the city, and whatever amenities you could possibly need. Perfect hostel, perfect owner, perfect experience. 감사합니다 박 사장님! :)


The hostel is not in the center of the city, but far away from it. The staff doesn't speak English, and even if you speak some Chinese, they are not friendly or helpful. I asked if a place was close, and they thrust a bus schedule in my face and went back to watching TV. The halls and toilet smell of dried urine, and your bedroom ceiling and walls have black mold (lovely to wake up to), and the toilets are...atrocious. The internet is also overpriced for the quality.


This is my favorite hostel in Beijing. The owners are fantastic, they speak English and Chinese, and are incredibly friendly and helpful in giving you directions to wherever you need to go in Beijing. The hostel itself is lovely and clean, and in a traditional Chinese Hu Tong, the rooms are nice and warm and cozy, and the lounge area has fast internet, friendly cat, and you will meet some of the coolest people ever here.

Touran Backpacker Hostel

Hangzhou, China

This hostel is very close to the West Lake, just thirty minutes away by walking. The staff is very friendly and helpful and speak English, and they have the worlds cutest dog there. All in all a very enjoyable experience.