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Location: Norway, Gender: Female, Age: 35

Central Station Hostel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Really an ok place, but the receptionist wasn't very happy at the prospect of me leaving before reception opened. Nevertheless he found a solution by not giving me a key. The hostel itself was prehaps not as easy to find as I had hoped (the sign says central station hotel, whereas it says hostel on the website, and I have been burned by that mistake before where they have been two different things). All in all, I slept well, the dorm was quiet and nice, and I thought it was pretty ok.

Florenc Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

This hostel provided us with exactly what we needed for one night, namely a place to sleep close to the bus station. The room we got was clean and the beds were comfortable. If I have to complain about something, it would be that there was no lock on the bathroom/toilet door, as we booked a shared bathroom. This could have led to interesting situations, as the bathroom is shared with one other room. However, we had a comfortable stay, and would happily stay there again.

Hostel ELF

Prague, Czech Republic

We booked a double room, and ended up getting a triple room for the same price, so cannot complain! It's quite affordable, and really well located close to the bus station. Hot water is a rare commodity in this hostel though, there are only cold water taps in all toilets, and in the showers the tanks go cold really fast! I wouldn't imagine that this would me much of a problem in summer. Breakfast was really basic, but did the trick. Would stay here again in summer. :)

Green Suites Hotel 1

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Had an excellent stay here. Such a good hotel! And well worth the money. Would happily go back here again.

Lacomme Inn

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

FEMALE SINGLE TRAVELLERS BEWARE This is not a place to get away from all the sleezy guys on the street. Some also work here. The guy behind the reception used my email from my booking to contact me personally - something which horrified me. After all, when you stay in a hotel, your prime objective is not to make best friends with the staff, but to get the service you pay for. I barricaded my door as the lock did not work. If you are female and alone, just avoid this place. Just to be safe.

Art Hole Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

Really enjoyed the staff and the hostel - bright colours, happy people. Kitchen IS small, yes. Breakkie could also be a it more varied, but the only thing we missed was ham n tomatoes for breakkie. Can't have it all, but they really do have eggs - in cups! :-) Slept reasonably well, and our group of 5 were really happy with our experience here.

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Our main kitchen is reasonbly sized. All 5 of you sat round our dining table for brekfast with room to spare for other guests. And we have another kitchen of equal size upstairs for further cooking adventures.

AWA Innbrucke Hotel

Innsbruck, Austria

The hostel was located extremely convenient for us, right in the heart of Innsbruck. We were a group of 8 people, so we really noticed when we all had to rely on the same shower, more or less. Just one shower per floor is not a whole lot, but we definitely managed well anyway! Did not enjoy the smoky bar with the door open to the reception all day every day, but then this is Austria, and people don't know about the hazards of passive smoking here so in that respect the hostel is no exception.

Belgravia Rooms

London, England

The mattress was surely more than 30 years old, extremely lumpy and one could feel every spring in the bed. This aside, it would have been possible to get a good night's sleep, if it weren't for the fact that the walls are paper thin, and the windows rattle every time someone takes a step somewhere in the building. Doors slamming, people shouting etc... Some simple people management could alleviate this too (i.e. tell people to be quiet). Can not say we had a good night at this hostel.

Hostel Pastoral

Nice, France

No customer comment

Hostel Bridge

Prague, Czech Republic

Really nice place, street was very noisy but we had a fan which was really a life saver as it was super hot during the week that we were there! Staff was extremely nice, esp. Phil who gave us awesome advice. Safe travels to NZ in the autumn - we will write you advice on where to go!

Pal's Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

This place was a real nice find. I found it through this site, and the reviews really tell the truth here. The flat we stayed in wasn't brand new, but it was perfect for what we needed. The kitchen was well equipped, there was a small living room with a pc/free wifi, a bathroom and a toilet. We only expected a small room in a hostel where we could lock the door, not a whole flat!! the flat has two rooms but we were the only ones there that night. RIGHT in the middle of the historic district. A+.

Rory's Pub And Guesthouse

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Room right above the bar where they played loud music with the bass turned right up. The bathroom was crawling with ants, and there was cigarette ash on the windowsill... I can say that the rent was cheap, and the food was really excellent. Staff did not deal well with me wanting to cancel the second night. I stayed the second night at the Great Lotus just down the street. Cleaner, nicer staff and spacious rooms/bathroom, non-smoking. And the food there was not so overpriced as at Rory's.

European Guesthouse

Siem Reap, Cambodia

I really enjoyed this guesthouse. It was stacked full of europeans, which was a nice comfort after a long day of being hounded by tuk-tuk drivers and the like. Wakeup calls not very reliable, but the people were super nice, Björn is really cute! :) Would happily stay here if I were to come back, and recommend it to others.

Red Palm

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This guesthouse was awesome. The landlady is super nice and helpful, even got up at 3am to see me off safely, simply amazing!

Betel Box Backpacker Hostel

Singapore, Singapore

I really enjoyed this hostel. It was close to the good food in Geylang, at the same time as it was safe and reasonably quiet. Rooms were comfy and air-conditioned, and the common room was very nice. Lockers with padlock provided. Free breakkie too! Yummy fruit on the table. Would definitely stay there again!


Really noisy but quite good, and the staff are really helpful.