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Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 29

Soho Hostel Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey

the beds ( at least in room 47) are horrible but the staff was decent and helpful even though they overcharged me and shortchanged me.. great spot but REALLY easy to miss as there is not much signage and its quite small.. noisy but managable if there isnt a massive turkish guy snoring directly above you..

Bourke Backpackers

Sydney, Australia

when they say they have WI-FI they are lying.. they have one computer downstairs you can use during reception hours.. 8am-8pm and the wi-fi they have is $4 per hour charged to a credit card.. staff was also not very helpful at all and seemed not to care when approached about the broken appliances and the lack of free internet.. also be careful of the neighbors across the street they seem to hate Backpackers and dont mind letting you know.. throwing bottles and jeering mostly.. location was tits though

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We have free internet. It used to be free 24hrs however we found people would abuse it and download illegally, therefore we had to limit it to when we have reception open. This was the same with Wifi, therefore to have a system that charges. The most cost affective way to use it is to buy a block of hours and you can log on and off until they are all used. This doesn't seem normal for our staff, however I have had a word to them. All broken appliances get fixed ASAP.

Camping Serenissima

Venice, Italy

the 4€ per hour internet thing was pretty lame i must say but the campsite itself was nice enough and there was a reasonably priced supermarket on site.. considering everything IN venice for lodging is 4 star hotels.. this was great for the price.. not exceptional though..

Riad Jddi

Marrakech, Morocco

Really didnt like this hostel and i\'m not picky about hostels.. when we arrived the owner simply straightened the sheets from the previous occupants and told us it was ready.. and he did the same thing to the next guy when we left!! Also they advertise for WiFi, which is completely not true, didnt even have a computer to check my reservation.. and last but not least they tried to rip me off by charging me the 10% deposit i already paid online.. DONT STAY HERE!!


Awesome place.. Just what i needed after a long trip in Morocco..