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Cozy Bangkok Place

Bangkok, Thailand

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The Clarence Park

Toronto, Canada

this is a good place to stay if you are looking for cleanliness and comfortable facilities. it would have been perfect if the two guys taking care of it were nicer and less grumpy.

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Thank-you for the kind words about our hostel. But we will not take the comment about the grumpy staff to serious when you also gave our location the worst possible score. Our location, as review time and time again, is the best in the city! It is an 11 out of 10!!

Ederbickems Hostel

Yosemite, USA

A little pricy for being a hostel but cheaper than other options in the area. It's about 1 hour driving from Yosemite Valley. Very clean and not too big, so it does not feel crowded. Reception is open until late and the kitchen too. Food isn't cheap though, but good. Staff are nice, but the information they give about Yosemite hikes is not very accurate. The only problem is that it only has 1 bathroom (toilet included) per dorm, to be shared by 12 people, so waiting time can be long. No lockers.

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The information provided upon request about the areas recreation is that of personal opionon and if you are looking for something specific please plan your trip prior to arriving or go to our local visitors center. We try to help with your questions but due to language barriers there may be misunderstandings... travel safe & travel Far! Hostel Team.