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Tramp Aparthostel

Krakow, Poland

The receptionist girls were very helpful and always tried their best to answer all the questions I threw at them. I enjoyed Krakow so much that I extended my stay by one night. The Aparthostel is spread across 2 or 3 floors, with the reception and main hangout areas being on on the 4th floor. There is a small elevator in the building, but you need to ask the staff to get access to it first. The breakfast was basic cereals and breads with meats and cheese, but adequate. Great location!!

Generator Hostel Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark

Had a great stay at the Generator, Copenhagen. The location of the hostel is good as you only need to take 1 train from the airport and walk about 5 minutes on the streets afterwards. There are many activities going on it seemed. The atmosphere was very socially rich as there were many places to hang out: Bar area, TV & music areas, Pool table area, outside patio area, covered patio area. Guys, check out the urinal next to the bar. You can play a game while you pee. Childish, yes. Fun, yes!

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Hi! What a great review. We are happy that you liked it here, the location, events, bar and yes, toilet games.. Why not? :) We hope you check us out next time you are in town. Cheers, Team Generator Cph

Five Elements Hostel Frankfurt

Frankfurt, Germany

Long overdue review... The staff were great, both friendly and social. I still remember the cute strawberry blonde girl that worked there. The daily specials that went on every week were awesome, like the free crepe night the BBQ in the back night. Yeah the hostel is kinda in a seedy area, but once you walk a block away you're in a different area, (financial district). The bathrooms were fine, but the room itself was a little warm. Would go again, not just to see that hottie German girl ;)

Freedom Traveller

Rome, Italy

It is a very short walk from the Termini train station. Understand that Termini may be crowded and there may be a few determined beggars inside the station and Rome in general. You may have to be curt with them. Everything with then hostel was fine, except that they claimed the credit card machine was not working and that I needed to pay for my room in cash. I learned that they tried to pull same thing to my roommates too who checked in days later, but they refused and paid with their CC.

Generator Hostel Hamburg

Hamburg, Germany

I've known about Generator hostels for over 10 years but never stayed in one before. I was thoroughly impressed! The Hamburg Generator is right outside the Hamburg Hbf (train station) and it was very clean inside. The building is very large and looks brand new. The bunk beds were comfortable and each one had plugs for charging devices. There were even USB ports built right into the bed for charging phones and Ipods. Wifi worked throughout the hostel. Breakfast costs extra.


London, England

Another nice stay in the Clink. lol I've stayed in both clinks in the Kings Cross area and this one is my favorite. It is a little further walk than the other one (about 10-12 minutes walk from the train station with suitcases in tow) but it has a livelier scene. I did enjoy my rooms sleeping arrangements. The sturdy bunk beds were all on one wall and had privacy walls alongside each bed. Each bed had a light and there was plenty of space under then bed for a large suitcase.

KEX Hostel

Reykjavik, Iceland

Good stay at the kex. The bed did squeak every time I got in and out which made me feel bad to wake others up in the middle of the night. The hostel operates in conjunction with a bar that locals visit as well. The bar seemed to close one day early at like 10pm which was odd to me. This hostel does ask if you want a blanket / bath towel for an extra charge but the charge isn't too much. Free wifi is available and works well. Hostel is near bus depot station and major shopping street.

Castle Rock Hostel

Edinburgh, Scotland

Awesome Hostel!!! The atmosphere here is something special. Every room and even every bed was given some crafty name to help you find it. It sits right outside Edinburgh Castle and the decor of the hostel is medieval with a bohemian flair. There are so many places to explore just in the hostel. There was even a chill out room where people are encouraged to turn their electronics off and actually talk to each other with a large sample of LP (records) available to play. Loved this place.

Safestay York

York, England

Hostel is very charming. My bed was one out of 4 in a basement room. There is a small window and one bathroom with a shower for the people in the room to use. Even though the idea of a basement room may seem odd, it was very charming and well decorated. The entire hostel is historic and there are plaques on the walls that tell the story of what every room was originally used for. There is a chill-out room in the basement, a reading room on the first floor and a kitchen. Staff was very kind.


London, England

Great hostel, great location. Located about 2 minutes walk from Kings cross train station. There are several small markets nearby along the way to the train station that sell supplies if you need them (food, shampoo, sore throat medicine ...) There's also a McDonald's and a subway just down the street near the train station. Wifi is available throughout the hostel. I had an excellent connection from my 1st floor room. The only thing is that the showers are small to change clothes in.

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Thank you so much for your review!


Recently stayed there for one night. The directions from Victoria bus station on the hostel page are spot on. Just not taht this place looks like a bar fro the outside and the name of the hostel is on a sign mounted somewhat high on the building. Memorizing the 2 sets of door security codes that eventually lead to you hostel room was a little annoying at first, but thay aren't too complicated to remember. Wireless internet was best accessed from the bar. If you take a shower, be sure to bring a towell.

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No need to memorise door codes as all guests are issued with an information sheet on check-in. This also includes a voucher for a 1/2 price drink at the bar!