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Location: Canada, Gender: Female, Age: 27

Casa in Laguna

Venice, Italy

No customer comment

White House Hostel Bol

Bol, Croatia

Our room was amazing! Beautiful view from a private balcony! The owner of the hostel was amazing! Very nice and helpful. The location was good and bol is beautiful a very relaxed atmosphere with amazing beaches!

Old Town Hostel Split

Split, Croatia

Amazon location! Amazing staff! Rooms are smaller and there is no where to store you luggage if you arrie early or have to check out. But overall loved this hostel

Funk Lounge

Zagreb, Croatia

The room was really nice and clean, however I think the average age of guests was about 16, we felt very old. The food at the resultant was gross. The staff were average but the security was limited.


Breakfast was good, the bar was ok but not great. The free walking tour could have been better. But it was free which is nice. The Internet was a pain, had to re log on very 10 minutes.

St Christophers Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

This hostel is more like a hotel, which has its positives and negatives... Great location, great rooms very clean. They had a bar, pub crawls and tours. The hotel like feature meant a large age range and also less of a community feeling. You have to make an effort to meet people here because it is so large. Overall a great place though!

Five Elements Hostel Frankfurt

Frankfurt, Germany

Loved this hostel, great rooms, staff was helpful. They have lots of cheap and fun activities, free pub crawl, BBQs and other ways to meet people for free! Good location has a great community feel.