Reviews: tcwexpress8619

Location: Mexico, Gender: Male, Age: 49

Hola Cairo

Cairo, Egypt

I liked this place very much. the private room was one of a kind very clean nice shower. the staff was very nice and kind. very centrally located and very accesible.

Jordan Tower Hostel

Amman, Jordan

very centrally located. nice rooms and showers. staff was very kind and helpfull.

The Resort

Tel Aviv, Israel

nice place very close to the beach it was like being home far away from home. nice rooms,clean showers and kitchen. Adam and Mike are just wonderfull persons

Pagration Youth Hostel

Athens, Greece

this is my second time staying at this place in my seconf trip to Athens. very accesible and close to major cultural places. very clean,secure and nice staff.

6th Floor Hostel

Belgrade, Serbia

Nice place in Beograde 5 mins. walk to main train and bus sattions. very clean secure and the staff girls are just wonderfull and very communicative.

Mandarin Hostel Budapest

Budapest, Hungary

Definitely I will stay in this place again. very accesible to transportation very secure and nice clean rooms.

Globetrotter Hostel

Warsaw, Poland

Very central located very secure place nice rooms clean showers and kitchen. the staff was very nice and kind to give information.


Zurich, Switzerland

very nice place to stay - close to main train station and major atractions in town- the staff was very comunicative and helpfull.


I really like this place very clean very nice rooms wonderfull staff and very easy to get around with transportation.

Heathrow Hostel

London, England

Nice Affordable price to stay very close to heathrow airport and the tube underground. very accesible to buy food and places to eat. the bar is very nice.


I realy like the curtain privacy in my dorm room.


Nice affordable place to stay in Lisbon. the staff defently was very helpful and very fun to be around. very clean I will recomend it.

Living Mad Hostel

Madrid, Spain

Nice and clean hostel. very good location. the staff was very helpful.I will recomend it for a pleasant stay almost in downtown Madrid

Ivanhoe Hostel

Rome, Italy

It was a very pleasant stay at this hostel the staff were very helpful and very fun to be around. the hostel was very close to the coleseum and other main locations nice kitchen and good affordable stay overall. I will recomended it. cheers to Flavio and Raul.