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Location: Italy, Gender: Male, Age: 36

Indigo Youth Hostel

Valencia, Spain

Very quiet hostel, not too far from the center. I was in a 4 beds mixed room that was big and clean with lockers and big windows. No bunk beds but normal beds. Toilets clean too and good showers. The staff was very nice and helpful.

Generator Venice

Venice, Italy

I was in a 5 bed room with a nice window on the Laguna di Venezia. The room was very good and clean with confortable beds and a very big bathroom. Location, Atmosphere, Staff... everything is very good!

Best Island Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Nightmare! Dirty and dust is what I'll remember about this hostel! I was in a double bedroom, the smell was awful! I couldn't breathe because of the smell of dust in there. The sheet was dirty with a big yellow spot and the floor was full of hair. Duvet and mattress were too much dirty too. The shower doesn't have any place were to put clothes. The breakfast is served on the sidewalk of a busy street. There are not lockable locker. The staff is not friendly at all. I'll never recommend it!

The Gershwin Hotel

New York, USA

There are no lockers in the room and there are only very small lockers in the corridor, so if you have something valuable you have to carry it with you night and day. Having a shower was a nightmare: water was very hot and then very cold suddendly, impossible to regulate! The bed was good and the cleanliness as well. But even if this hostel have some art inside and is very nice aesthetically I found it very expensive for the value. The problem above have to be fixed!

New York Budget Inn

New York, USA

Is good that is close to the Empire but there are closer hostels to the subway stations. The bed wasn't rally confortable. For the locker in the room you should pay to rent the key even if you have your padlock, that is quite crazy, so they let me use the locker without paying after telling them what I thought. The staff is very nice and friendly. Here as in other hostels in New York you have to pay more if you want to leave there the luggage after leaving the hostel but I would come back.


The only bad thing is the bed that is very unconfortable, you can feel the spring in you back. But compared with other hostel in New York is a very good value for money, you can have a good breakfast, there is free wifi, and there are locker in the room. The subway station is quite close and you can reach easily every place. For leaving the baggage in the lockroom after leaving the hostel you have to pay but unfortunately this happen even in other hostels in NYC. I would come back again!

Ciutat del Prat

Barcelona, Spain

The hotel is perfect for passing the night if you have an early flight because is very close to the airport. I paied 65€ for a double room, I think is a very good value for this money.

  • 24th Mar 2012
  • Globetrotter
  • Italy
  • Couple, 31-40
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Youth Hostel Van Gogh (Chab)

Brussels, Belgium

It's the second time that I come to this hostel and they improved something from my first stay. Toilet and bedroom are very clean and nice. The luggage room is dirty but anyway is a secure place were to leave the luggage. The staff that was at the reception at my arrival was not friendly at all but after her other people were nice. The free breakfast is ok.

Lybeer Travellers' Hostel

Bruges, Belgium

I was in a 4 bed mixed dorm and it was the worst room I've ever been. It was extremely small and the mattress was very dirty! It was impossible to find space for the luggage, I had to sleep with my backpack in my bed and to walk on the other people luggage to get to my bed!!! The room smelled awfully and so the corridor. Beside this the staff was nice and the free walking tour too. But I wouldn't come here again.

Brussels 2GO4 Quality Hostel

Brussels, Belgium

Everything was nice. A breakfast included would be perfect. Actually for breakfast there is only some free coffee.

Mosebacke Hostel

Stockholm, Sweden

good hostel with a good design.... the room are very nice and you need always the key to open the door. but there are not locker. there were not windows in the room.

Hotel Gamla Stan

Stockholm, Sweden

just 10 minutes walking from the royal palace. is very clean and it have a good breakfast included... the only problem is that there are not locker and the room are most of the time no locked.

Lisboa Central Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

one of the best hostels where I've been. very clean, staff very nice, good breakfast, good location close to the metro station. just perfect ;)

Black & White Lisbon Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

everything ok, I would come back again.

Grande Hostel de Coimbra

Coimbra, Portugal

nice hostel and nice and helpful staff, not too far from the center, just 15 minutes walking and 25 minutes from the coach station. The room were clean and so the toilet. I would come here again.


the hostel is far from the center 30 minutes walking. the toilet doesn't have any lock and so the shower and everything is common between men and women that could be a problem. the room was close to the street and the noise was loud during the night. the breakfast was only after 9 that seems to be a little bit late. after all there is nothing going on and no common room. the computer and internet was almost never working. the room and the toilet were clean.

Hans Brinker Budget Hotel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

everything was ok. an internet room would be nice to check what\'s going on or to make some plan about travelling in some other cities.

Sevilla Inn Backpackers

Seville, Spain

Small and nice hostel! In general the staff is friendly and helpful! The position is great: very close to the Cathedral and the Alcazar. I think it\'s a very good value for money!

St Christopher's Village

London, England

nice Hostel! I\'ve been here before and it\'s always a pleasure!

Ostello Mario Spagnoli

Perugia, Italy

there is the minimetrò station close to the hostel but the last metrò is at 21.30 so it\'s not very good if you have to stay outside until late and it\'s impossible to go to the center by feet because it\'s far but maybe there is a bus I don\'t know because I had a car there. The hostel is good the staff is very nice and the breakfast is ok. I think that I would definitely go there again. It\'s a very good and cheap hostel :)

Caledonian Backpackers

Edinburgh, Scotland

The sheets were used and dirty, the bed was a little smelling. On my floor there was only a small toilet always dirty and only a small hand basin. In the complex it was fine for me but they can improve a lot the toilet!


Everything was ok! the best hostel I\'ve ever been!