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Hostel Porto do Sol

Porto Alegre, Brazil

The service is excellent. Fresh fruit and fresh-baked bread are for breakfast. The owner couple are very friendly. One day I asked the wife where she got the bread. She told me her mother baked it. I asked for the recipe. The next day her mother came to the hostel before she went to work to show me how to bake the bread step by step.

Barra Beach Club Oceanfront Hostel

Florianopolis, Brazil

dinner is excellent.

Curitiba Casa Hostel

Curitiba, Brazil

It is like a home. very comfortable and warm. The owners had out of way helped me several times. I have injured my right leg before I came to the hostel. One of the owner acted like a doctor to me. He checked on me several times a day. The facilites are very modern and new. People staying there are like a family. It is fun to stay there. This hostel is new, warm, clean and comfortable. The best hostel I have ever stayed.

Favela Chic Hostel

Foz do Iguacu, Brazil

the owner of the hostel is not friendly. His servisse is poor.

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This is a difficult review to reply to as it is directed entirely at me personally. I do pride myself in giving the best service that I possibly can, and I believe that this is recognised by many of our guests (certainly on the basis of what people do say to me from time to time) and I am absolutely thrilled & very proud that we have have received a Hostel Bookers award for Staff just last month. I will refrain from giving personal opinions about this guest, and just mention a few facts about her stay. Every single member of my staff complained to me about her behaviour. When she left, three guests actually celebrated her departure as they had been enormously irritated by her. In over a year of running this hostel I have never once witnessed anything like this. When this guest paid for her stay she asked me for a receipt which I happily gave her. She told me that she wanted the receipt from me as proof that she had in fact paid in case I later claimed that she had not and asked her to pay again. She asked my cleaning lady to boil water for her, and to peel her potatoes when she was cooking. The guest fell over once and had a small cut on her shin which she asked us to treat. We gave her some anti-sceptic spray and some ointment to apply to the wound. She asked Eddie our barman to rub it on for her, which he did. She subsequently asked him to apply the ointment again several times. During the time that this guest was in the hostel our staff spent more time answering her questions then we did for all of the other guests staying here at that time put together. On one afternoon we spent two hours helping her open her emails, changing her password, writing e mails for her, making searches on Google on her behalf & booking hostels for her. The staff member told me later that she had been consistently rude to him throughout this time when he was helping her in every way that he could while she was treating him as her personal secretary. Finally on the day she left she asked me to order a taxi for her to take her to the bus station in the evening. I subsequently told her that two Polish guests wanted to go at the same time and could share her taxi. I had bought the Polish guests their bus tickets, and when this guest found this out she got quite angry with me for not having also bought her bus ticket for her. But I am not psychic, and I politely informed her that she had not discussed her onward travel with me, and had not asked for any help with this. This guest has given us the minimum score for facilities. I wrote to her after reading the review asking her for details on how I had given poor service and what facilities were lacking, but she did not respond.

HI Lá em Casa Hostel

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

This is the best hostel I have stayed. The owner couple are very helpful, knowledgeable, and warm. I feel like staying at home. Place is clean too. Every morning we have freshly baked cake. The owner´s wife is also good at teaching you portugese language.