Reviews: kelander

Location: Canada, Age: 25

Not the biggest fan of Wanderers. Unfortunately we came to Morjim in the off season and what I can only assume was the summer staff only knew two words of English ("taxi" and "phone") and couldn't help us with anything AT ALL. The place was swarming with bugs and was generally not clean. The wifi was down about half the time which meant we missed out on booking train tickets and had to change our travel plans. All around it was just not a good experience. Nice location though.


Very nice, helpful family and a clean big room. Unfortunately there was bad wifi and I left something important to me there and never heard back from them about getting it back. Otherwise pretty decent!

Vinayak Guesthouse

Jaipur, India

Amazing staff here that will bend over backwards to help you with anything that you need. Quite good rooftop restaurant and not far from the sights of Jaipur (will also set up a driver for the further ones). Would definitely recommend!

Bed & Chai

New Delhi, India

Attentive staff who make breakfast and will arrange bookings and more. Really great location with tons around to do and is very safe. Only complaint was that the AC in the dorm broke on our last night and it was sweltering! Otherwise a very good place to stay in Delhi.


A nice, quiet hostel very close to the beach and within ten walking minutes of central Miraflores. Don't come here for a party. The staff is really attentive and have a lot of suggestions.


Find other lodging in Iquique. While this place is a matter of steps from the beach, that's the only thing good about it. The staff is horrible. The one girl checked us in half an hour late because she was flirting with some guys and loudly calling them names that I cant post here. Then we couldnt find her bc she was drinking. Anyone can grab room keys so protect your stuff. A little boy sits in the common room all day on a laptop while his mom drinks on the hostel patio with staff. TERRIBLE.

Aji Hostel

Santiago, Chile

Can't complain about this hostel! The free dinner is a huge added bonus and we met a lot of people just by going to dinner. Staff is super personable as they hire on other travelers. The location is unbeatable as well. The only thing that I didn't like was that security isn't very tight, so watch your stuff.

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Thanks for your good comments. I wish you would have elaborated about the security you felt was lacking because the hostel is located in a very safe neighborhood (safer than the neighborhoods where most hostels are in the city), each room has individual lockers, and there is a staff member at the hostel at all times to ensure that everything in the hostel is fine. Also, no one has reported any problems with the safety of their belongings.

Mendoza Backpackers

Mendoza, Argentina

Staff was very helpful and the one girl even made us cake! Breakfast is nice and the pub and terrace upstairs serve well as common areas. Avoid the rooms closest to the living room area as people are quite loud in there until the early morning and no one seems to want to do anything about it. The hostel is really close to markets, squares and about 10 minutes walk to the bus station. Good hostel.

America del Sur Hostel Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina

The hostel was incredible. So clean and welcoming right from the start, and way nicer than 98% of the hostels in SA. The staff was insanely helpful and made an effort to be personal. The breakfast was huge and a nice change from the usual bread and jam. No complaints!

7 Duendes

Salta, Argentina

This hostel was amazing. The staff will go above and beyond to help you out and really made an effort to make our stay as seamless as possible. I highly recommend 7 Duendes! The only thing id warn is to watch out for your food in the fridge as there are definite fridge thieves here!! Otherwise highly recommended.

Bacoo Hostel

La Paz, Bolivia

Decent hostel. Beds were very clean and comfortable and the location was conveniently between the bus stop and the major points in town. Bathrooms could be cleaner BUT very good for what the price is. Hot showers all the time, too!

Supertramp Hostel

Machu Picchu, Peru

Pretty average hostel. Friendly, nice staff who go out of their way to help (and make breakfast before the long trip to Machu Picchu), a nice rooftop terrace, movie station and kitchen to use. Definitely a good choice for what you spend.


1900 was good, but definitely not a great location if you´re looking for a lot to do...for that, Miraflores is probably best. The hostel is 15-20 mins away from everything.The first night, my bed wasn´t made and after a 16 hour travel day that sucked. The 2nd night, a man was in my bed when I got back, which was a serious flaw in security. He wouldnt leave so they moved our room. Very weird and creepy. Otherwise a decent hostel...the staff was attentive and it was very clean.

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Thanks for your comment but we need to clarify some points: 1. We are in the Historic Center of the city, the best attraction of Lima according to most tourist websites. Here you can have the best experience in a Cultural and Historical sense, plus you have bars, we are in front of the Art museum, the metropolitan Museum, grocery stores, transport systems among other things just walking distance from 1900. In addition, we are only 6km / 3.75 miles away from the sea. We know you came to Lima to surf and our hostel is not in front of the sea. Sorry about that, but the historic center, where we are located, was founded 500 years ago the Spanish further away from the beach in order to avoid canon attacks from pirates and other empire ships. And before that (around 3000 years ago approx), the prehispanic cultures established also here because this location is really close to the river. 2. Regarding the other issue, we really apologize. That guy was sleeping in other bed in your dorm. As you can imagine, we can not be aware 100% of what happens in each bed. We gave you another bed in a different dorm and we cancelled the other guy reservation for the next days (he was supposed to stay 3 more nights). We always try to fix any problem that might happen and we encourage our guests to tell us if anything strange is going on. We are always on top of problems and try to solve them asap. thanks for your stay.

Rome City Hostel

Rome, Italy

really nice hostel to stay at in rome. the common area attracts a lot of traffic so you'll be sure to meet fellow travellers. you need a bus to get mostly everywhere from here but it's simple and easy. highly recommended!

Hostel Kaktus

Prague, Czech Republic

highly recommend this place. it's not a party hostel though if that's your thing. the owners are really nice and have the cutest dogs. the breakfast is simple but good and the hostel is actually quite clean despite other reports.


the hostel was really near to the center and very close to all the busses that take you to the train station. staff was helpful and the breakfast was really good and big with simple foods. the rooms could be a bit cleaner but that's okay.