Reviews: Anonymous

Wombats City Hostel Munich

Munich, Germany

Beautiful building, great location, well cared for, kinda sterile atmosphere. Seemed like a better place for groups than as a single traveler to meet people. Bar was loud and poorly laid out, no wi-fi in the rooms means the entire common area is devoted to people on their electronic devices, and the place is comparatively huge. I would stay here again, but not if I was traveling alone.

Hostel One Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

I very much enjoyed my stay at Hostel One. I had a lot of fun in the downstairs bar and the room was clean and adequate. Location is a big far - in the opposite direction from the train station as all of the tourist stuff - and the hostel has perhaps the worst toilet paper I've ever used. Even so, I would stay here again without question.


Dresden, Germany

I quite enjoyed my two nights here. The showers were a little quirky, but otherwise I have nothing to complain about. The atmosphere is good, the common room facilitates meeting other travelers, the location is good between the touristy part of Dresden and the restaurant/pub area... great value.

Wombats City Hostel Berlin

Berlin, Germany

Hard place to meet people - by not having Wi-Fi in the rooms, all of the common areas are dominated by nontalking folks on their electronics.


Small hostel. Very clean, large lockers, large bathrooms, great location. For some reason, they require you to leave your room key at the front desk every time you exit the hostel. There was not much socializing amongst strangers at this hostel.

Way Hostel

Madrid, Spain

Great location. Quite clean. Lots of activities. Friendly staff. Breakfast was a bit of a disappointment, but that´s Spain.

Sleep in Heaven

Copenhagen, Denmark

Fine hostel. Quite far from anything, though.

Hostel Baccarat

Nice, France

Good hostel other than the security - anyone can get into any room, and there are no lockers. 15 Minutes from the water, but right next to the train station.

Lausanne Guesthouse & Backpacker

Lausanne, Switzerland

Fine hostel, I would stay there again. No free wi-fi, breakfast, sheets, or individual lights in the rooms though. Friendly staff, very close to the train station.