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The staff is very rude all the time. Location is not that good as it is a 15 mins walk from the metro. wifi is always slow and intermittent.

Hello Hostel

St Petersburg, Russia

Security - anyone can walk in and out Location - nearest transport is 10 mins away, 20 mins from metro Staff - no comments Atmosphere - staff dances with loud music at the door of the hostel at 4am. People on the 2nd floor can't sleep properly Cleanliness - the dirtiest hostel I've ever seen. I wouldn't dare to set me bare feet on the ground Value for money - not worth it Facilities - claims to have wifi all around the hostel but doesn't have it in the living room. Worst hostel ever!


The most helpful staff ever! The owner stays at the hostel so it's always safe and clean. However, he is very strict about the checkout timing.

Omnomnom Hostel

Yekaterinburg, Russia

No customer comment

Nerpa Backpackers

Irkutsk, Russia

Everything you can dream of about a hostel. Friendly staff, clean floors and toilets, wifi everywhere, and they even have free pasta!

Sanlitun Youth Hostel

Beijing, China

Needs wifi everywhere in the hostel. The toilet smells of urine and cigarettes 24/7. The staff bothers to mop the floor at the pool table 3 times a day but seldom cleans the toilet. Staff is definitely not friendly, and talks to you like you owe them a living. Weird that I'm always the one saying thank you, when I'm the guest.


The common area is conducive and very comfortable!


The toilet on the 2nd floor reeks of urine and it spreads to the entire corridor. The staff were not as helpful as well. Other than that, the place was excellent!

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Thank you for your rating, we will continue to improve

Lazy Gaga Hostel

Guangzhou, China

No customer comment

Little Hanoi Hostel

Hanoi, Vietnam

David was quite a character! The place was excellent!

HQ Cafe

Nha Trang, Vietnam

I stayed on the 3rd floor. They provided us the key to the first door of my room, but not the second: where our beds are located. When I requested for the key, they said that I can only get it at the front desk and I have to climb down every time. Also, the 2nd door has no unlock function. Once you close it, the door is locked and can only be open from the inside or by a key that they refuse to provide me. They do not on the air con at night so it's stuffy. There is a BAT in the room too.

Vietnam Inn Saigon

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Most of the staff were pretty rude. As a guest i was the one saying thank you instead of them. Furthermore, they were not as helpful when suggesting stuff to do or places to go, or even if you had an issue with the room. The rooms were not cleaned once in my 7 days of stay there. The wifi is wonky at times and the power went out once.

The Mad Monkey

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

place was great but the staff were not particularly helpful

HI Siem Reap

Siem Reap, Cambodia

location is great and the staff is helpful! but the floors were a little dirty even though no shoes were allowed upstairs

Smile Society

Bangkok, Thailand

excellent location and friendly staff

Roommates Penang

Penang, Malaysia

great place to stay, convenient and the staff was helpful!


Taipei, Taiwan

Couldn't expect anything more from a hostel! The staff is friendly, location is good, safe and clean!

Tree House Hostel

Taipei, Taiwan

No customer comment