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Misty Woods

Dharamsala, India

No customer comment

Hotel the Holiday Home

Rishikesh, India

You get what you pay for and this hostel is very cheap. That said, the location is very good and the staff were really nice and helpful.

Anjali Inn

Mumbai, India

Hostel is fairly difficult to find, so good idea to accept the free airport pick up. Staff very friendly and helpful, especially Raj (the owner) who gave us some great tips and advice. Would definitely stay again next time in Mumbai.

Niras Bankoc Cultural Hostel

Bangkok, Thailand

Really lovely hostel - stayed in both the dorm and private room and both were great. Great location - close enough to Khao San Rd but not too close. Staff friendly and helpful.


Great location, but unfortunately while some staff were amazing friendly and helpful, others were really rude and argumentative. Breakfast (if you want to call it that) was a bit of a why bother - a piece of toast and tea or instant coffee. They ran out of bread early on - someone went and got more and then they ran out of jam... My bunk was pushed right up against a sloped ceiling, so i had to pull the bed out into the middle of the room just to get up into bed! Showers were cold.

The Hostel B&B Utrecht City Center

Utrecht, Netherlands

Like a really bad student sharehouse, disgustingly dirty kitchen with rotting food in the fridge, leaking toilet, loud abnoxious dorm mates. Staff seemed extremely incompetent - they had no idea what they were doing. At 5am my 8 male dorm mates arrived drunk, turned on the light and started to sing at the top of their lungs, I decided to check out - there was no-one at reception! Probably the worst hostel i have stayed at. But Utrecht was beautiful.

Aivengo Youth Hostel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Let`s just say you get what you pay for and this hostel was cheap... very cheap.


Antwerp, Belgium

Highly recommended: Very helpful and friendly staff, homely feel - almost like a share house.

Snuffel Backpacker Hostel

Bruges, Belgium

Lots of fun, but the stench of ciggies throughout the whole hostel was a bit much.

Alfama Patio Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

Great hostel, very homely feel. Staff very friendly and helpful. Only bad thing was walls were fairly thin so it was a bit loud sometimes.

HI - Faro Youth Hostel

Faro, Portugal

One of the worst hostels, room smelt funny, staff were rude and the vibe was creepy.

Lisbon Lounge Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

One of the best hostels I've stayed at... ever! Friendly staff, cool vibe, and dinner was amazing. Highly recommended!


Some staff were very helpful, others quite rude.

Choiseul Hotel

Bordeaux, France

Great location and the staff were friendly though unfortunately rooms were tiny and the walls were very very thin.

Vertigo Centre

Marseille, France

The staff were really helpful and friendly, and the place had a really cool vibe. It's just a shame the location (and Marseille in general) felt a little unsafe.

Oops Design Hostel

Paris, France

Yes staff are quite rude, I waited 5 minutes for assistance, until they had finished their conversation.