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Location: Canada, Gender: Female, Age: 67

Lotte - The Backpackers

Heidelberg, Germany

Lovely place, mostly run by women so has those little extra touches women appreciate. Candles set out in the evenings! Right in the heart of the action. Could have stayed longer.


All staff but one were super friendly and helpful. Night guy could work on a smile now and then. Really fantastic that my 21 bed dorm smelled like clean sheets, not sweaty bodies. And big lineup of plugs in room showed this hostel knows what is important for travelers. I always like kitchen facilities but appreciate that this is a pub business too. I didn't eat there as I need more than pizza but my jug of Pimm's was sublime and I loved having outdoor seating. Beautiful area, gorgeous buildings.

The Full Moon Backpackers

Bristol, England

Fun place, loved the retro seventies atmosphere. Maybe not retro for most guests though!

Salmon Weir Hostel

Galway, Ireland

This is a great place and I really enjoyed my stay.


Kitchen small so crowded when people want to cook. Hostess was lovely, great atmosphere.

Bru Bar & Hostel

Cork, Ireland

Room very small, hardly room to turn around never mind luggage, and one bathroom for six people. Super kitchen facilities and lots of plug ins in lounge.


Palmer's gets better every time I come back. Its friendly and helpful staff continues to be its strongest asset but the building itself is just great. Nice new features in the shower upgrades, hair dryers and WIFI throughout. It would be handy also to have little makeup shelves installed by all the mirrors. And thanks again, Hedia! ;-) Maureen

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Hello Maureen! It makes very happy that you enjoy more and more coming back... We also enjoy having you back everytime. Thank you. See you soon!

Everton Hostel

Liverpool, England

Good place to stay except for ensuite bathroom. Needs separate stalls. A bathroom that only one of ten people can use is woefully inadequate. Suggestion: would cost little to put some mirrors with a makeup shelf outside the bathroom.


It was great that you could bring your own food and eat it in the pub. Nice pub too, I used to drink there sometimes when I lived at Maida Vale and didn't know there was a hostel. Would have liked a microwave somewhere so I could cook my eggs for breakfast, but I suppose that doesn't matter to many people. Friendly staff.Would stay here again

St Christopher's Camden

London, England

The staff were very friendly. I was welcome to keep my bike in the luggage room. No extra charge to pay with your debit card. They have large under-bed cages for valuables and you can use your own lock. I love having breakfast in a pub and this one was good for the price, and not crowded. Really enjoyed my five nights there and would have stayed longer if there had been a bed. The bar is noisy evenings as it's a Belushi Pub but there is a great chill out room in the basement and the WIFI is good.

Smart Russell Square

London, England

Flatware dirty. Charge guests L1.50 per day extra for hi-tech security lockers. No clear policy on what can be stored in luggage room. WIFI weak and unreliable.

Bath Backpackers

Bath, England

Beds a bit poky.


Palmer's is a great place. It's like home. Staff are among its biggest assets.


This is a great place and I'm still here.


It's a great fact I'm still here, for another week. Even personal service from Brendan, who fixed my broken suitcase!

Equity Point Centric

Barcelona, Spain

Provide blankets.

The Flophouse

Granada, Spain

It's a cool place. There weren't lockers but as James said, thefts don't occur in a small personal house type hostel, only in the big impersonal centre ones. I didn't worry about my stuff. Great location right by Mirador San Nicolas, and super to have a kitchen and supplies. I'd go back here and I'd recommend it.

La Posada de Huertas

Madrid, Spain

It's a nice place and a great location and will be better when the renos are done. I'd stay there again. Would be nice if the coffee could be ready before 8 or at least by then.

Kabul Backpackers Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

Scott from Ireland was friendly and helpful. The old guy on nights could stand to increase his public relations profile and I said as much. I finally got a begrudging "bienvenido" at the end of my bookin but by then I was in a bad mood too. People come to hostels becaause they are friendly and hope to find other friendly people. Costs nothing. Sheets would be nice.