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Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 29

Abercorn House Hostel

London, England

The hostel was located very close to the tube. My room felt clean and the shower was very nice (single bed room). The staff were very nice. Spent most my time out of the hostel. It's a great spot if you want an affordable, clean place to stay. They had plates and cutlery in my room which was convenient. No cooking equipment in the kitchen but I only used the microwave. I would stay there again.

de Talak Hostel

Bangkok, Thailand

Staff were helpful. Stayed in a group room and enjoyed meeting the people there. Took part in a cooking class as well, which was a lot of fun, and hung out in the lounge for a movie. It's a short trek to the subway but not bad at all. You are def not in the middle of the craziness of the city, but that can be nice. Overall I was happy with my stay there and would recommend it.

Khangsar Guest House

Kathmandu, Nepal

The staff were very friendly and helpful. Booked me a hiking trek around Kathmandu as well as a flight to see Mt. Everest. It was a pretty central location near all the hiking shops and a short walk from much of the historical parts of the city. The restaurant was decent. Be prepared for occasional limited electricity in the city, as I was not aware of that when I arrived in Kathmandu. Would def recommend.

Hotel Grace

Amritsar, India

The hostel is fairly close to the golden temple, which is about all it has going for it. You have to be in the lobby downstairs if you want to use the wifi. My room was okay, but not kept very well and not what I would have expected for the price I paid. The manager was very helpful though, and did arrange a ride to the border closing ceremony, though just be aware you are sharing a car with probably 8 other people.

Hotel Taj Plaza

Agra, India

The staff were very kind and helpful. It's an easy walk form the Taj Mahal and also close to the East Gate ticket office which is nice. Enjoyed the food from the restaurant and the view from the top is excellent. They included extra amenities that many places do not, and I really appreciated that (toilet paper, extra soap, towels, etc.). Was glad to find this place as I've heard many places in Agra are not very nice.

The Explorers Nest

Jaipur, India

They were very nice and helpful. The place felt clean and everything I would expect. My room was on the top floor, so may have been different than the rest. It wasn't anything spectacular but it did the job. Note that they lock the door at 11 so make sure you're cool with that. They were understanding when I had to be out a little late one night though.

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Thank you for your very kind words about our hostel. We are happy that you got everything that you had expected. That makes us very satisfied. It was great to have you here and listen to all your great travel experiences. We hope you keep up your travel spirit and some day we meet again.

Sarvar Guest House

Jodhpur, India

Place was a bit run down and not super clean. Also pretty loud in my room. The staff was very helpful and kind though. The restaurant was decent.

Mystic Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer, India

I was very happy at Mystic. Staff went out of their way to help, the restaurant was decent, and I really enjoyed the camel trip I booked through them. Felt the room was a good value for the money, the location was an easy walk to the fort, and they picked me up for free at the railway station. Definitely recommend!

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Namaste! Dear guest, At the end of the high season 2012-2013 it’s time to thank all those beautiful people who made it such a wonderful season. We really appreciate it that you stayed with us and took the time to write a lovely review. It’s good to hear that you enjoyed our camel safari, restaurant and friendly staff. Hope to welcome you and your mother again for your next trip in Jaisalmer. Thank you! Mystic Jaisalmer Ashraf Ali

American Dream Hostel

New York, USA

This hostel was definitely above my expectations. It was very clean and the beds (I stayed in a private double) were very comfortable. There was a sink in my room and two windows. The staff was friendly. They made fresh waffles every morning and had fruit, bread, and oatmeal available. There's a nice lounge area. Only negative was the showers went hot and cold a lot when I was using them. Maybe because I was on the third floor? And sometimes they were slow to answer door buzzer.


Definitely recommend Beachouse to anyone looking for more of an authentic and non-touristy stay. It's only a short ride from downtown, but far enough away so you feel like you're getting away from the day-trippers. Tina and Adolfo are very kind and welcoming (Adolfo drove me to the doctor when I thought I was getting strep!). The place is kept VERY clean and in order. The beach is only feet away, with decent snorkeling. I recommend a scooter to get around. You will want to bring a little food.


great location. only two blocks from a major road with regular bus routes. i walked to the convention center from there about 7 blocks away. stayed in the 1 bedroom room- very small with little standing room, and smelled bad. but i didn't mind for the price and location. didn't spend much time in the hostel, but had a nice hangout area and kitchen. staff was nice enough. only one shower to share with everyone, but didn't have too much overlap so was fine. there's an extra toilet downstairs.

Carlito's Way

Rome, Italy

Great place. Conveniently located near the bus and metro station. Not too rowdy, though doors slamming can be a little noisy. Felt secure with the security cards we were given, and I could store my luggage there during the day if I didn't want to keep it in my room. No breakfast is included. Very clean. They tidy the room each day, I believe. Staff was helpful.