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Hong Kong, Hong Kong

I have no idea how this place got such a high rating. BED BUGS. That is all I have to say about that. The receptionists seem clueless about anything. I also overheard another guest complaining his things were missing about the cleaning people cleaned his room, but the reception seems so confused and not sure what to do. Also, it says they do not accept locals, but there were disgusting locals being completely rude all night in my room. Just use airbnb, you can find places even cheaper and nicer


Osaka, Japan

Not sure what I expected, but I was very disappointed. I arrived here after a very rainy journey from Nara. The owner is a bit strange and awkward. He barely spoke to me even when it was just us two in the hostel. Dishes were dirty, shower was dirty, and he got flustered when I asked why he was using a blow torch on one of hte best in the other room. I think there was a mold infection? I cant confirm, but I think a group of girls left because of that

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Yes, it`s true! My ambition to learn is at full blast, but I`ve never used my skills in their room! But whatever, that`s not the reason why they were able to escape from me. The definition is usually almost always the same, however the meaning can be different from person to person. So, would you please delete the capital words, but other than that the content can stay pretty much the same.

Yuzan Guest House

Nara, Japan

A beautiful and very comfortable hostel. One of the most comfortable Ive stayed in so far. The facilities are really nice and its very Japanese. My only complaint is that when i arrived in Nara, the staff refused to let me into the hostel because they were ""cleaning"". They would not even let me just sit down and orient myself as to where I was in the city. Once that cleared up, everything was great. they helped print out my flight tickets and give me directions.


It was a good stay, but nothing else more to mention. Everythign was average, nothing bad at all, but Ive stayed in nicer places for the same price. I was only here for one night, but it was okay. There is no elevator which was annoying trekking up and down the steps with my luggage. Also, not all the floors have showers on them so I had to keep going up and downstairs. Otherwise, it was good, but nothing special.

Hostel Mundo Chiquito

Kyoto, Japan

Beautiful little hostel. Staff were awesome, I hung out with the owner, Midori, and other people in the hostel. She definitely made it feel like home. Its in a good location for getting to all parts of the city, however, there isnt much to do at night around the area so keep that in mind. Still, i was sad I had to check out and leave. The bed area was slightly disappointing, but no big deal since it was still better than most hostels ive stayed in the past.

Osaka Hana Hostel

Osaka, Japan

AMAZING hostel. The staff were super friendly and helpful - great English skills as well. They let me leave my bags there even when I was no longer a guest when I went to Kyoto for a few days. Facilities are immaculate - they scrubbed and vacuumed hours a day. I was so upset when i couldnt stay longer and had to move out, but its because this is a very popular place. also, they have affiliates in other parts of japan and discount your stay after racking up points. highy recommend this hostel.

Ed House (Tripnbed Guesthouse)

Seoul, South Korea

I came very late at night and it was difficult to find (directions werent very good). The staff were nice, but the facilites were ok. The beds were very uncomfortable - wasnt sure if the sheet was meant to be a blanket or a bed sheet, if a bed sheet, they dont give you blankets then? Also, there was no room to store everything so there was too much luggage around the dorm area and i had to sleep with most of my stuff on my bed. I wouldnt recommend this, also it was very loud and *too* much party

Arch-Ist Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

This place looks nice on the outside but I had ants in my room, the bathroom smelled like a sewer, and nothing was ever cleaned. There was a cleaning lady who came twice when I was there and clean my room at all. It was impossible to find toilet paper which was strange. The staff couldn't really speak English well. There were always leaks around. The only nice thing was the kitchen. The wifi only worked in the lobby and nowhere else and only one staff member actually knew the password.

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Our dear guest, everyday we have cleaning lady in our hostel between 09:00-14:00(at least) and we make a detailed cleaning, in a 6 beds dormitory we can not do anything after 14:00 unless you asked and extra cleaning. we would love to fix the problems you leaved with cleanig if you have warned us during your stay. becouse it is the most importanrt part for us. we are really sorry for that. Its mentioned that wifi is just in the lobby in hostels describtion. we had a change in hostels team thats why we lived some problems, we lived a session of warming up. But again the portrait you drew for our place made us really sorry that we think our hostel is one of the cleanest ones in the world. hpe to see you again with our best service

Belsize House

London, England

the toilet did not flush, the showers were cold and smelled bad (from mold), the room was misrepresented, and the food sucked.

Gamblers Attic AAE

Krakow, Poland

small hostel, i imagined it would be bigger, more people, more lively. its not bad for the price, but i also expected the staff to know more about how to get to certain destinations around the city

Hostel Ruthensteiner Vienna

Vienna, Austria

awesome hostel!