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Location: USA,


Mont-Tremblant, Canada

the front desk is closed after midnight! this was communicated upon booking, but after weeks of traveling and then arriving at the hostel hours after I had anticipated, we were locked out of the building and had to spend the first night in our car (never a good idea in the middle of a Quebec winter). We were still charged in full for that first night as the rules state. The hostel was not at fault, but the situation certainly put a damper on things. Don't make the same mistake we did!


cleanest hostel i've been in and very private. It's really well maintained and there are multiple bathrooms on each floor, so it seems like there are less people than there actually are. the kitchen is really big and well-stocked with all kinds of appliances. great location if you want to eat in the international district. there are enough

Hostel Oki Doki

Warsaw, Poland

The hostel failed to notify us of a planned water outage from 4-9pm. We were there for one night, and when we checked out the following morning, the water was still out and the bathrooms were foul (non-flushing toilets). I don't think the containers of water (one per bathroom) would've lasted much longer. The hostel was not prepared and only had one employee working, who suggested using the restrooms at McDonald's around the corner. Aside from the unsanitary conditions those two days, not bad.


The cleanest, cutest, and most fun hostel I've stayed at. You'll make friends instantly! Only downsides - walls are paper thin (can be a sleeping problem with loud drunk people returning from the nightly pub crawl), there is no air conditioning, and the bar's drink prices on par or only slightly cheaper than what you'd get outside (pre-gaming can get expensive). But the cost of drinks at the bar is totally worth the social scene they offer, from the patio to the live music. Great staff, too!

Accommodation Maria

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Really clean, but be prepared for the 327 steps (we counted!). If that's not a problem, a great location just outside the main gate (Pile). The airport bus actually has a stop on Zagrebacka (the only other one aside from Gruz bus station, which is far away). If you get off here, you will only be lugging your bags about 100 or so steps, which makes a huge difference. Maria should have provided directions :(. The locals (including bus drivers!) will misinform you, so figure it out in advance.


Split, Croatia

Great location in the markets very close to the bus station and port. Clean and comfortable, very safe. The family rents out an apt in their home and a room with two single beds. We stayed in the room and enjoyed a quiet, relaxing stay. Advise contacting them ahead of time to confirm te arrival specifics like arrival time and apt unit since it is a private home. We didn't have a phone when we arrived but a friendly neighbor let us into the bldg. Adriatic hostel is also located in the same bldg.

Freedom Traveller

Rome, Italy

right by Termini and metro. they dont have lockers, but having our own bathroom was nice.

HelloBCN Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

located in the outskirts of the center of town, but still fairly convenient. safe area, minutes from a metro station. staff is super-friendly, good atmosphere w/a bar. met a lot of ppl from chilling at the bar at nite. free breakfast. would def go back.

Home Lisbon Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

the place is really clean and the location is perfect. bathrooms are communal and co-ed but it was not a problem at all.