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Location: Canada, Gender: Male, Age: 27

It's more of a house than a hostel, but it was great to stay at! The house makes for an interesting atmosphere with other people and the owner Louis is great. Yes, it's in Queens but it's a 2 minute walk to a subway which takes you directly to Midtown in about 20 minutes. And the price is great. I'd stay here again.


This hostel is worth staying at for one main reason: location. You walk down the street for 30 seconds and you're in Times Square. Also, free breakfast is basic but sufficient. Also, it felt more like a hotel than a hostel but I personally liked that. Overall, a good place.

  • 26th Apr 2013
  • Globetrotter
  • Canada
  • Male, 18-24
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The Hideout Hostel

Dingle, Ireland

A good hostel! Really friendly, knowledgable staff. Great common area that unfortunately closes around 10. Free breakfast! Great to eat before your bike ride (PS wear sunscreen). Not much else to say. It\'s smaller so it feels cosy and there\'s a really great kitchen with lots of seating. Enjoy Dingle and enjoy this hostel!

Bru Bar & Hostel

Cork, Ireland

I liked this hostel. Theres a bar on the main floor. If youre not into that, you can go right into the hostel and theres a huge common room with kitchen a floor or two up. The rooms are a bit small but its not a big deal. It all feels quite safe as you need to get through three sets of doors to get to your room (card controlled). Its very close to the train station. The bathrooms are individual which is always good. On the lower floors you can hear the bar at night, but its still a good place.

Globetrotters/The Townhouse

Dublin, Ireland

OMG BREAKFAST. Best breakfast Ive ever had in my entire life. And its free!! Its worth it just for the breakfast but its great in every other possible way, too. Right off the main street, such nice staff, amazing common area with TV that seems to be open at all times, two computers with free internet, the rooms are super nice. It doesnt get much better than this.

Astor Museum Inn

London, England

Great!! The staff are all young and will answer all your questions, theres free breakfast which is great for when youre traveling on a budget! Theres an alright common area with computers (you have to pay for internet). I was unfortunately put in a building a couple of streets away, and the door code changes every day so you have to goto the main building at night to get it but oh well. The location isnt the best, but its not terrible. Definitely recommended.

Lybeer Travellers' Hostel

Bruges, Belgium

Decent hostel in a VERY touristy town. One of the two staff members I encountered was very helpful and friendly; the other not so much. There's a large common/eating area with two computers and free internet, there's a cramped kitchen, but even more cramped are the rooms. The smallest rooms I encountered in my 3 months in Europe. It was hard to move in them. Although there is free breakfast, which is great. The location is pretty good; it's closer to the city centre than the train station.

Brussels 2GO4 Quality Hostel

Brussels, Belgium

After having to wait like 20 minutes to get signed in, I was then told I had to leave because no one was allowed it when the place was getting cleaned. Lame! Aside from that, theres a huge common area with four computers with free internet, and a small kitchen with a packed fridge. The rooms are a good size. Unforunately the common area and kitchen close around midnight. The staff can be bitchy. There are probably better hostles in Brussels.. PS use the bathrooms in the basement. Theryre great!

Hostel ROOM Rotterdam

Rotterdam, Netherlands

A very laid-back Hostel. It\'s a bit farther away from everything, but the staff make up for that because theyre awesome. Theres a bar and a kitchen which is a plus. Every room is themed which is cool. The layout can be confusing but Rotterdam is confusing (and cool!) so they match! You can get your laundry done for cheap, and expect a lot of chill people. Recommended. PS It\'s right near the water which is a great marker in case you get lost.

Hotel Nebo Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark

Its a one-star hotel, so expect that. Its behind the train station in a pretty sketchy place, but at least its close to the city centre? The staff was pretty helpful. The interior of the place was a bit outdated, the rooms a bit musty smelling but come on its one-star! It has free breakfast which is actually quite good - a little bit of everything. If youre backpacking, book a night here as a break from hostels. Thats what I did. Its worth it.

Danhostel Copenhagen City

Copenhagen, Denmark

The only \"official\" hostel I stayed at in my 3 months in Europe. Its just what I expected - sterile, no charm and orderly. Its huge. Multiple stories tall, very impresonal, but like I said thats what I expected. DONT wait until the last minute to sign out - it gets so incredibly busy at that time. Somene stole my chorizo sausage from the fridge - not impressed! I labelled it, too. The internet was down, whatever. They brought in a street performer for the bar - he did crappy covers. Lame.

Dalagärde Vandrarhem

Gothenburg, Sweden

OMG WORST LOCATION EVER. Dont go here. The hostel itself isnt even that great. Its all a bit sterile. Anyways, if you want to stay out late in town, expect to spend like 3 hours walking back here because busses to the hostel stop at around 10:30 at night. I have no idea how this hostel has managed to stay open. The front counter woman was a total cow. While I was trying to figure out how to get in, she just stared at me from the other side. Ugh! What a joke.

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Due to the most hectic summer ever at the hostel, we are sorry not to been able to answer you before. We are the second largest hostel in Sweden, and we have a very high standard here. We have a bar, a restaurant, pool and a activity center, and alot is free for our guests to use.It might look as a resort where you will find a doorman, but we are still a hostel. We have a standard door at the reception so what happend when you came here is a mistery, the only thing you have to do is to open as any door. The busses run all night to the hostel. There is also a night bus that runs until 4 AM in the morning. The bus to the centralstation takes 17 minutes, depending on traffic it can take a bit longer. Maybe you missunderstod the time table. Calling the staff a cow says more about you than about our staff. Kind regards Pernilla and the rest of the staff at Dalagärde Youth hostel

Marken Gjestehus

Bergen, Norway

An alright place to spend a night after your Norway in a Nutshell! After you learn to use the old-timey elevator, youre greeted by GREAT staff. There\'s a kitchen with a ton of a seating. The place is cosy, current, and the bathrooms are nice. There was confusion over my bed, someone elses stuff was in my locker but whatever. There were more families than I\'ve seen anywhere else which was kinda lame but oh well. PS Bergen\'s more than your last stop on your day of fjords. It\'s a really great city!

Sentrum Hostel

Oslo, Norway

Meh, it does the job I guess. There were prostitues outside. My dorm room layout was really weird. You can\'t pee standing up according to the signs in the bathroom, or you could but then someone could see you across the courtyard through the non-blurred window. The staff is really helpful and I got to do my laundry for free! USE THE BATHROOMS DOWNSTAIRS. They are a million times better than the ones above them. The place has charm, and I recommend it, just not strongly. PS Oslo is VERY EXPENSIVE


Meh. It has rooms and a kitchen, and its safe. Thats about it. It does the job. The beds are a bit crammed into the rooms, but its not too too bad. Good location, about 5 minutes by foot from the train station. There was a few university students in my room as Uppsala is a uni. town so they showed me around town - expect the same. Staff is almost never there. A decent hostel in a decent (I suppose!) town.

Hotel Gamla Stan

Stockholm, Sweden

Pros: The rooms are very large (mine was anyway, a dorm). Theres a good-sized kitchen. The place is like a maze inside which makes it interesting. Cons: The location is just alright - its right near the royal palace (which is AMAZING inside). Pretty much anyone can get in through the first door (to the building) so it doesnt feel totally safe. And, as with all Scandinavian hostels, expect to pay extra for everything. I enjoyed it but mostly because of my cool dorm room in the attic!

Heart of Gold Hostel

Berlin, Germany

Pros: GREAT common area with bar/pool tables. It\'s safe, good clean rooms. Cons: The staff is kinda awful. In my 3 months in Europe, the worst person I met worked at this hostel. Such a douchebag. The location could be better, but it\'s not THAT bad. It can be hard to sleep on a weekend night as downstairs gets quite noisy. The outside area closes when it gets dark which is really lame, but when I wanted to book extra nights (because Berlin is amazing), they accomodated me which was good.

Sophie's Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

It\'s a hotel with dorms. It\'s great! GREAT common area, the bathrooms a freaking luxury if you\'re backpacking. I had to take pictures to show my friends. Very safe and clean, 2 computers with free internet, there\'s a kitchen. Pretty good location. The staff is very helpful and knowledgable and will answer all your questions. And you can buy staff like metro tickets there. A beautiful \"hostel\" in a really beautiful city. Note: If you arrive at night the hostels sign is not lit so its hard t


Very, very depressing. Not many people were there at all, and the inside of the hostel is quite drab. A very sad little place. If you want to see the castles, day-trip from Munich. There\'s a kitchen only for staff use, who by the way are never actually at the hostel. I mean, the hostel is clean and safe, but the town of Fussen\'s novelty wears off after an hour so don\'t spend a night here. Day-trip!

Wombats City Hostel Munich

Munich, Germany

Its kind of a party hostel. Kind of. Theres a \"club\" in the hostel, a really cool open courtyard common area, the staff are all young and hip! The location is kinda sketchy, but Munichs a pretty sketchy place so thats expected. I didnt care much for how anyone could come into the bar area, like visitors could bring in people who werent actually staying at the hostel. Oh well. Its recommended if youre looking for a fun place to stay.


The staff ruined it for me. Pretentious and rude for the most part. This one short, hobbit-looking guy explained the hostel rules to a guy in front of me, then looked to me and said \"you got that?\" as if I should have been paying attention to THEIR converstation. If you can deal with that, it\'s RIGHT in between the train station and town center so it\'s a great location. It\'s very modern, good food and drink. Larger rooms. It could be great if that idiot wasn\'t employed there.

Budapest Bubble

Budapest, Hungary

I can\'t come up with words to describe my experience here. It\'s 100% in every single way. It felt like home. The owner, Olga is an incredible person. Very safe, great location, but more than anything it\'s very tiny (one private rooms, two dorms) and so, so charming and comfy. I spent a couple of days in the hostel just hanging out with other travelers. There\'s a good kitchen and a computer with free internet. Absolutely perfect.

Happy Hostel

Vienna, Austria

I don\'t like giving bad grades but this wasn\'t a good experience for me. The owner is quite unfriendly, the hostel\'s really hard to find, and he put me in a seperate building a couple of streets away which was a bit inconvenient. It was a pain trying to convince a staff member I had paid - she seemed so clueless as to what was going on. The location is decent, but I can\'t recommend this place. I mean, there could be worse I guess. It\'s not sketchy and it\'s clean, but yeah..

Locanda Daniel

Florence, Italy

A funny little hostel! Only several rooms, and the \"kitchen\" is really a microwave and small fridge. No utensils, plates, bowls etc. But it\'s better than nothing? Anyways, the rooms are large, high ceilings, no bunks in dorms, very nice. Two computers with free internet 24/7. The staff is never there much, and expect to come back at night with an extra bed in your room (in a dorm, of course), or one gone. Strange. About a 4 minute\'s walk away from main train station. It\'s cute and does the jo

Hostel Beauty

Rome, Italy

Pros: AMAZING rooms. Huge and beautiful, no bunks in dorms, super high ceilings. The location is pretty good, it\'s only about 5 minutes by foot from the main train station. A bit farther from all the main stuff though. Cons: Sketchy area, but most of Rome is sketchy (it\'s an amazing city nonetheless - one of the best). It can be harder to find. My key broke off in the lock lol but the staff was fine about it. Anyways, there\'s better Rome hostels, but this one\'s just fine.

Valley Hostel

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

I think this may be the only hostel in Lauterbrunnen, and I only booked it because none were open in Gimmelwald (which doesn\'t take long to get to, there\'s a bus direct from Lauterbrunnen to the cable car). Anyways, the hostel was VERY empty, but it was nice. The kitchen is INCREDIBLE, but closes for the night. The staff is pretty good. It\'s only a minute\'s walk from the train station. It has some charm, and I lucked out with meeting some great people. I\'d recommend it.

360 Hostel Centro

Madrid, Spain

AMAZING location. A one minute\'s walk away from the centre of Madrid, Puerta del Sol. The staff is young but professional, fun, very accomodating. Six computers with free internet access 24/7. You won\'t get that anywhere else! Very nice common area. It feels very safe because you have to first go through the building\'s door, walk up a couple of stories then go through another door (with a tricky lock! you get used to it). Free laundry, good kitchen, etc. etc. amazing hostel.